Tribunal result..... Unbelievable!

I have Severe Osteoarthritis of my neck and shoulders, diagnosed early last summer. Sent an appeal against the DWP stopping the ESA last year. Had the tribunal hearing this week, (which was very stressful & emotional), the tribunal had all updated medical records & letters from my GP.

Recieved a letter on Saturday.... Appeal Refused.

How on earth can they go by how I felt last summer, & not how I'm feeling now, which is alot worse!?

They have the medical evidence.

Ridiculous really.

Sorry I just needed to rant 😆

Anyways, Happy New Year to all

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  • Oh no I am SO sorry xxx 😢

  • Oh dear, so sorry to hear that! You have me panicking a bit, I've not heard back from my interview yet.

    What will you do?

  • As to yet I don't know what to do, I'm still baffled by the outcome.

    I don't know if I should appeal against their decision, or, if I should re-apply for ESA as my OA has worsened.

    Will be speaking to my GP on Thursday about it, then maybe try & get an appointment with the CAB.


  • Im sorry to read this, i had completely negative results until tribunal. Im at a loss as to what to say about these people and the system.

  • I'm SO sorry Ruth - Is there anything you can do after the appeal?

  • I'm so sorry to hear that awful news - I went to a tribunal for my pip last year,and all they were interested in was how I was at the date of my original assessment,for anything else they said I had to ask for a re-assesment to get the new status applied. Maybe it's the same with the ESA? I'm not 100% sure,but it's just a thought,and hopefully a helpful one

    Wishing you all the best xx

  • I think that maybe the case, another re-assessment.

    But with these assessments it's the same 'exercise routine' no matter what the condition... Yes I can sit, Yes I can stand up, Yes I can communicate. There's nothing wrong (as yet) with my legs. it's the top half of my body that I'm struggling with & that's where my Osteo likes to kick me hard!

    But hey ho, I'm definitely not giving in 👊

  • Good on you - that's the same mentality I had when faced with every hurdle they tried putting infront of me!

    Good luck x

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