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I applied for DLA last December 2012. Was turned down a few months later so I sent in an appeal. They wrote me in April to say they were dealing with my claim. I emailed them last week and they said my Tribunal had been held in my absence in July 2013. Apparently they had written to me at a wrong address (WHAT THE HELL). I emailed back and said how can you have got my address wrong when for the last four letters you have written to me at my address correctly. Now they say I have to ask for the decision to be SET ASIDE. Does anyone out there have any advice. I mean can I complain I am struggling so much and all this stress is adding to my illness.

Any help or comments will be greatly appreciated. Sharon

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  • Sharon so sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately it really don't surprise me which is a very sorry state to be in!!! Have to say i applied to for DLA and yes was turned down for it to. So at present i am still working, i have cut down my hours which has helped .

    I assume there is somewhere you can complain sorry unsure were but there will be someone on here that will know. Just wanted to offer my support to you xxxxx

  • Thank you miss for your support. I really appreciate it.

  • Get CAB or some other advocacy organisation that knows the system onto it. I wouldn't try to deal with that kind of mix up on my own.

  • Good idea earthwitch will try that.x

  • Hi Sharon, excellent website called ESA/DLA on face book, you will get an answer on there to your question. Have a look and if you wish to join you have to be invited by email. You could privately message me your email address to be invited and you can gain access. Its confidential, so peeps can talk honestly and openly about their fears, worries, etc and its free.

    You take care, Vonnie x

  • Sorry Vonnie how do I private message you.

  • I have sent you a message Sharon.

  • Try the Benefits and Work website, they have some excellent guides and a forum to ask questions.

  • Thank you will have a look.

  • Sounds ridiculous. So sorry you have been messed about, and hope you can resolve it soon. X

  • I know it is so frustrating and upsetting but I will try to get it resolved.

  • Have you got NRAS Booklet on Applying for DLA etc. as it contains a lot of useful advice. It is also available on line.

  • Hi samjam I think I may have the booklet I will have a look for it. Thank you for the advice.

  • Sharon, just keep at them, even though it is stressful as it will be even more stressful without the money. I had a refusal even though I couldn't walk 90% of the time or leave the house. It was a nonsense and I wanted to beat them over the head with a hard heavy object. Made me feel so mad. I chanelled my frustrations into a very comprehensive letter and ensured they took notice of me. As you are emailing you have a record of all that is going to and from, so that is good and no chance of them sending their post to the north pole or something equally silly! Mine was resolved pretty quickly within two weeks and I hope yours doesn't take much longer. When you have done all you can letter wise and appealing, you must try not to be stressed awaiting a Tribunal as it could well be it doesn't go that far. Did you get BOTH consultant AND GP letters of support? I was told so many people are turned down first attempt and when they appeal they are given by it, by someone who worked in the DWP. Also, if it does go to Tribunal, would your rheumy nurse or consultant be willing to go with you and support you? I know mine were if it had gone that far. Good Luck for a speedy resolve. Neonkitty x

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