Having been placed in wrag and disagreeing with decision,it went to mandatory reconsideration. I got a phone call last Wednesday from a decision maker,she started the call with why have you disagreed with the original decision?

She made me feel like I had no right to question them, I told her after speaking to my GP in his opinion he thinks I should appeal. so she proceeded to go through the form I had filled in, at the time of filling the form I had no idea and really should have got some help.

so we went through every question with her saying you wrote on this form(telling me what I had put)and did this with every question.

I couldn't remember what I`d put, so I was made to answer all questions again.

I felt bullied and intimidated and pushed to answer, I knew I was shooting myself in the foot but helpless to do anything about it!

I scored zero points on the initial medical with atos, so on Friday I got the letter from the decision maker telling me that they were not changing there original decision. surprise surprise! I scored zero again(15 points required)

The next step if i want to appeal is by a tribunal, Has anybody had to go down this route if so could they give me any advice? A bit long winded to get to my question but I just had to share with someone, it really has made me feel worthless and wonder weather I should appeal just to be humiliated again?

Its not about the money for me, its about been given time to get myself well enough so I can go back to work. being put in the work related activity group feels like being pushed and harassed.

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i havent gone through PIP but i would appeal and get help with your appeal. I think you need to get much a letter from some doc one or another to support your appeal. My advise would be go to CAB, they would give you better advise than i can give .

Hope you get sorted sending hugs .XXX



Yes definitely go to the. CAB as they have trained advisors who can help both with form filling and also when you go to Tribunal. Of course you should appeal. Let's face it, none of us would want to put ourselves through all of this aggravation but as the advert says " you're worth it!" Your GP sounds as though he/she will back you up which is good. Clemmie


Thanks Clemmie

I'm going to see the CAB tomorrow, what frustrates me is she disregarded that my GP was behind my appeal. "A GP or consultant will not routinely consider your functional abilities appropriate to the activities and descriptors of the limited capability for work". That's a part of what was said in the letter?

What's the point of a GP giving you a sick note stating your not fit for work?



Hi flanners,

I agree with fastball and Barrister that you need to get some expert advice on this. As has been mentioned, The CAB may be able to help. There is also an organisation called Turn2us who offer a free service to help people access the benefits they need. Their website address is:

Hope this helps


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


Thank you Beverley I'm going to see the CAB



Make notes now about everything you were unhappy with in the phone call while its still fresh- you may need to bring that all up at the appeal. Get advice from CAB as well. Its usually a whole lot easier to get through appeals with an advocate like CAB. Also, talk with CAB about making a complaint about how you were treated on the phone.


Thanks earthwich for your reply, I'll be seeing the CAB today and hopefully get help on how to move forward.



Have a look on the Benefits and Work website, they have a forum (members only) to discuss this kind of thing.

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Another similar website is yourable, they are free


was sheer pleasure to watch Glenda Jackson lay into that slimebag Iain Duncan Smith over this, yesterday.


Wow! Well said Glenda Jackson, he sat there with a smug look on his face!


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