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Hi everyone Am feeling very stressed today. have got my tribunal this afternoon as atos have said I am fit for work! Have received contribution based esa for two years which ran out in april this year. before that I had always worked. I am sure this story is familiar to a lot of you.I have waited nine months for this tribunal. I phoned jobcentre plus to see if I could reclaim for ESA but my contributions have now ran out, so it doesnt seem to matter how long you may have worked for ,they only take from the last couple of years. can,t claim income related esa as my hubby works. Without that extra money coming in we scrape by. Have gone from being totally independent to being totally reliant on my hubby. But I am still going to the tribunal as its the principal. well tomorrow is another day just have to keep on smiling. thanks for letting me have a moan. Best wishes to all. sharon.

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Take someone with you, get them to sign paperwork as you say you can't hold a pen. Get them to help in everything. Don't walk to the place as they will think that you are capable to work. Get them to help you get in and out of chairs and the bed .

Sorry if this is short,but you did say it was this afternoon. Best of luck. Sylvi.xx


hope it all go well, for you. good luck, got my tribunal 2morrow,


how did it go this afternoon? Axx


Hi all, well they were,nt very friendly they asked me if i could put something in top breast pocket of a shirt. I said yes so failed to get into the support group! got into work-related group which is what i was in before. so am not entitled to esa anymore as have no more contributions left. The woman also insinuated that at my age i should really be working! I am 54! Not really taking into consideration that i am not really fit to do much.The doctor on the panel said "so its RA you have and you get pain in your joints" Could have smacked him, felt like walking out! Should have said to him you have the joint pain and see if you are so blase about it. Got home and had tea and chocolate and felt calmer lol. missmopp hope yours goes ok for you. thanks all for listening

Regards Sharon x


o i am sorry to her that about your , but dont give up, just keep on trying, , thank you i hope so , i am taking my daughter, as she it going to be doing the talking, as with my ear in infection, i will not be able to hear to good, so her goes will just do my best, and let them no, how much my life is had to change , as R.A, HAS TAKING OVER IT. . you take care Sharon,x


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