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Had my Tribunal on Wednesday. Got letter on Friday informing me they had allowed my appeal. I am currently receiving only the lowest rate of daily living component. The Tribunal has now decided I should be getting the enhanced rate. But not only that...they have said I should get enhanced mobility too. They also said its inappropriate to set a term for reassessment. I am so shaken up with this decision as I didn't expect it in my wildest dreams! Just to encourage everyone who feels unfairly treated to struggle on a bit longer and you may be get what you truly deserve in the end.

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  • So pleased for you; you deserve it x

  • Thank you. I did give that Tribunal a piece of my mind tho. I said the system was treating people so unfairly. They all nodded in agreement! But I have received so much support from you all on here and its given me strength to fight on. I just wish I could make it right for everyone out there.

  • Well done! What a terrible system that makes you suffer so much stress to get what you deserve.

  • Yes it is. I think I will try and complain to the hierarchy in some way. Only a little voice but maybe ....

  • That is fabulous news. It's awful you had to go to tribunal but good on you congratulations xxx

  • Thank you. I have been so stressed since all this started which, ironically, has probably made my case stronger. How many out there get worse purely from stress? Its crazy. I feel strongly that a doctor should assess us and not these so called professionals who don't really have a clue.

    Thanks for your good wishes.


  • I think the problem is that the doctors are struggling to keep up with normal routine patients. I took over a week to see mine as " an emergency " .

    Yes it needs sorting but they won't have the " experts " available all the time is the trouble.

    But yes I went through an assessment and the stress made things worse.

    Glad for you xx

  • Yes of course. I can see that but just wish medical evidence we provide was enough.

  • Would be so much easier

  • Yeah - and some of the docs are no better either...

  • Well done Cathy fully deserved and 1 up to the poor people who suffer enough without this nonsense going on xxx

  • Thank you!

  • Yippee!!! You Go Girl!!! So happy that you stood up for your rights :)

  • Oh I knew you would respond to me! I am very pleased that I achieved my goal and brought the unfairness to light. I was amazed at the result as I never expected such a decision. From the lowest possible award paid I jumped to the highest award. I somehow feel 'why have I been this fortunate?'. They actually treated me like a human being and not just a black and white form filler. How are you? I think of your situation and get angry. Just keep strong OK?


  • You know I will Cathy!!

    I'm happy that you have less of a finacial burden now. Isn't it nice to go and buy that little extra item without fearing if you can pay the electric bill?

  • Oh yes! I feel more relaxed financially than I have since I stopped working. I have fought a battle but the best results are never easy. I am glad I didn't give up as I was tempted to do. Haven't been on here much due to all this so need to catch up with you!

  • I noticed you haven't been on here much. Glad you are back :)

    Never give up.

  • Brilliant news. Well done. c

  • Thanks!

  • I have my tribunal coming up shortly. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

  • Trish if I can help in any way I will. I too had my mandatory reconsideration turned down. If they had just given me the enhanced rate for daily living component I would have been content. So they did me a favour by pushing me to appeal and got mobility allowance too.

    When is your hearing?

  • Hi I've just got my date it's 30/10/17. I'm really nervous about this. I would be grateful for any advice as to what to expect.


  • I was nervous at first but then decided what will be will be. Mine was in London and it was all fairly relaxed. They know you are nervous. My panel of 3 were really nice so I was lucky. I think they are generally compassionate people and they are fully aware that the PIP system is unfair. I told them it was and they nodded in agreement. I didn't expect to win and felt I just wanted to do it as a protest even if I lost. But I won it and still can't believe it. Have you someone going with you?

  • Hi again

    Yes I have someone from welfare rights attending with me. Will I be questioned from the other side ? I received all my papers last week and they have even put down the wrong illness !

  • Who put wrong illness? You will be talking to them. I went alone but I think you will have to even with your companion. Its just like an informal chat. Don't worry. Its better than you think its going to be believe me. Its not like a court room. Its quite relaxed. Make sure you say why you believe the decision was incorrect. If the DWP got your Illness wrong that will be in your favour.

  • It was on the bundle of papers that arrived. I'm just so angry that I got mobility first time and now I'm worse they take it away. Thank you so much for the information you have given me.


  • I would say this is the worst part. The waiting game. You just have to be strong and anger is good! If you want to chat on phone I will be happy to

  • Thanks that would be great. If you let me have your number I will give you a call.


  • Great news, let's hope we get rid of the instigators of this vile degrading system at the next election!! 🤞🤞🙏🙏

  • Thanks!

  • 🖒well dine xx

  • Thanks!

  • Fantastic news and no less than you deserve. Genuinely happy for



  • Thank you!

  • So nice to hear a success story! Should give hope to those who are thinking of appealing, so well done you for having strength to fight.

  • Yes I really didn't expect much, just to get the daily living enhanced level. I was not given mobility at all. The lovely people on the panel have given me enhanced mobility too. I feel my faith in justice has been restored a little but it was hard and so many others going through it still.

  • congratulations, although I am sure you are only being offered what you should have been receiving all along. Just a reminder to everyone here that Citizens Advice are there to help with claims and appeals as well as gathering information to take forward as part of an overall campaign on behalf of all those being unfairly impacted by the benefit changes. Do contact your local office if you need help.

  • Thank you. Yes we must keep fighting this terrible system. I think the amount of appeals speaks for itself. The way it is running now is counterproductive and causing more illness from stress.

  • Great post. Brilliant news. I hope people take note!


  • Yes and I too hope everyone in this quagmire find the strength to fight. I think the system will break and not too long from now.

  • Im ready,willing and able to take up the cause- had my face to face last Friday 12th.

    You so deserve everything you have worked so hard to achieve and​ given a much needed boost to this community who feel often undervalued a d overwhelmed. Excellent.

  • So, so pleased for you Cathy. Thanks to your tenacity you were listened to though the written evidence & your assessment should have been enough, when you think how much additional stress it's caused you not to say the extra expense for the DWP. I'm rather ashamed with myself that I didn't go ahead once my award (mandatory reconsideration) was upheld. I just had so much going on at the time, h poorly, elderly parents-in-law too & I wasn't brilliant, all excuses now maybe but it was just too much to think about as I'd struggled 6 months prior to actually being accepted as eligible to apply. Anyhow, you sit back & be justifiably pleased with yourself. x 😙

  • Thank you. But its not too late for you is it? All that stress on top of everything else must have been awful. They turned my mandatory down and all I had wanted was just to have the enhanced rate. They did me a big favour as I did not even qualify for mobility in their eyes. So I do feel I have won my personal battle but we still have to win the war!

  • Thanks for your concern Cathy but I'm due to be reassessed later this year as my award lasts until 2018 so I'll wait now & gather all my new evidence. I did wonder whether to advise them under change of circumstance last year but, again, other family problems took precedence, my h's ops, the passing of both parents-in-law, it's not been the best couple of years. It was mobility that was my concern too, odd that, I was awarded enhanced daily care & just a couple of points short for standard mobility. The reasons given in the report & MR were bore no resemblance to what I explained at some length in the additional notes & at assessment. My greater concern wasn't the money rather the automatic qualification for a Blue Badge. Anyhow I thought I'd apply for one thinking they can only say no & was awarded it. The Assessor was aware I hadn't received mobility but I was listened to & my difficulties understood. I do agree with you, things will be changing with PIP, I'm sure.

  • I understand. I have been in periods where other problems have been so overwhelming I wouldn't have been able to deal with this too. I found myself in a mentally better place just at the right time. But I was close to wobbling and just giving up. I think you should push it when you get reassessed. I know all that damn paperwork is exhausting and I mentioned that at my tribunal. My appeal letter says that it is inappropriate for me to be reassessed. I can't see DWP accepting that! But it would be such a relief. Anyway I think the more of us that appeal is what will break this system so I would urge every one of us in this nightmare to fight.

  • Yes the extra expense is heart warming!

  • Awesome results! Congratulations - we are very happy for lone less thing you will need to worry about...

  • That's a fact! Thank you!

  • Great news. Justice has prevailed, but not without your perseverance. Well done. X

  • Yes I seem to have had to work hard to get this but I was awarded more than I expected so I guess it was not in vain. The Tribunal panel were unbelievably kind to me but I wasn't sure if I would get anything.

  • Good for you x

  • Thank you! I still keep thinking it will go pear shaped somehow! Heard that DWP can still fight a decision.

  • I received a better award with pip that i had with DWP and that was over a year ago so just relax that all the stress is over for a while anyway.x

  • I was on DLA since 2011 on the very lowest care rate. Then they contacted me last year to go onto PIP and now look at me! Still can't wear heels tho!

  • Nor me x

  • Congratulations on winning your appeal. I hope life becomes a lot less stressful now and a lot easier. Best wishes

  • That is very kind of you. It certainly will improve things. So much has had to be neglected last few years and this will give me some of my sparkle back!

  • Brilliant news no more wasted years now you have a new lease of life.

  • And a new pair of Jimmy choos

  • I wish I could wear girly shoes! Those days are over sadly. My feet would scream with fright if I tried to put them in stilettos!

  • Ok Christian Louboutin and others do low heels and flats- Google for treatus.

  • Hehehe you shouldn't encourage me!

  • Congratulations and well done for having the strength to take them on x

  • Thank you. I think because unfairness and injustice always angers me I found myself being a target of those things and that anger can be powerful!

  • Good for you. You are only getting what you deserve. I am going to have the same frame off mind when I fight for my ill health retirement. You do not ask to be in this situation so why should you have to fight for something you have worked for.

    Good on you and get yourself a treat. X

  • Yes exactly. I won't start spending til I get a letter from DWP telling me of my new status! But my first 'treat' will be a tumble dryer. So many things which will make life easier for me. I have actually booked a weekend in Great Yarmouth in June. I don't travel like I used to so just short breaks not too far is best I can do.

    Oh yes you must fight for your rights and anger is sometimes a good emotion to give you that extra strength.


  • That is excellent news. Xx

  • Thank you! I see you were given rituximab a while back. I am on it but so far no bad side effects. Not sure if it will work but I live in hope! How are you doing now? Xx

  • Great so pleased for you.

  • Thank you! Phew!

  • Good for you. I am please that you have succeeded at the appeal, it does say a lot about the entire assessment process and even more about the assessors as well.

    The system is flawed but they have put themselves in this straitjacket and we have to live with the consequences, just as well we have the legal system and they have the power to correct errors of fact.

    I am very happy that you have finally got there.


  • Thank you! I knew I wasn't assessed fairly and was grateful that I finally had people at the tribunal who saw my true situation. I don't drive but have been given enhanced mobility which will help with all my taxis. I think the system will change but just hope it doesn't mean all of us have to reapply again! That would be devastating to many.

  • Unfortunately, I don't have that hope, having just been re-assessed 10 months early, they made me walk over 20 metres more from reception to the furthest assessment room and I was 2 weeks away from my, 6 monthly, injection, so it was very painful let alone made more stressful as she hovered around me instead of just going in and waiting for me to get there.

    I know many people on DLA and they really don't believe me when I tell them what to expect, that it is not an interview, it is a money saving exercise.

    The advice I always give is no matter how your feel on the day, it is your WORSE day regardless and behave as you would on your worse day, they are out to make that day to be your normal day all the time and couldn't care less about the difference between good and bad days.

    Anyway I am glad it has worked out for you in the end.


    Above is the email address if anyone wants to complain to the DWP about their treatment at the hands of these assessment companies. Also if they fail to make reasonable provision for disabled people.

    I have recently won a concession in my need for a higher chair when I visit the jobcentre or ATOS, it should apply to all the other "providers" as well. I will post copies of both letters as text another day. It took funding from the EHRC and a solicitor in the middle to get them to respond positively, my previous direct dealings with them had not been successful, but I think the threat of an EHRC funded High Court case, with BREXIT and an election coming up made them back down from an unwinnable legal battle.

  • You have certainly been through the mill. I will complain but will wait til DWP confirm my new status. I still worry they will try and fight my appeal.

    Thank you Steve for all that you do to help others. I hope to be able to make a difference too.


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