Hi folks, I've not been on here for a few weeks, had my Facebook site compromised, had to delete it. I've now had 4 injections of benepali, had to give it a miss last week as I had bronchitis , given antibiotics. Couldn't get to see a GP today, saw a nurse who said, my chest not too bad!?!? & I should ring RA nurse to see what she says about me giving myself my injection this week & taking my methotrexate?!?! I feel a bit better, & not coughing quite as much but, not entirely convinced I should take them?!

On a more positive note, the benepali does seem to be helping even though its early days. . As I've heard many times on this site, it can take a while for improvements in our condition, with sometimes trial & error with various drugs. I am in a so much improved state with myRA compared to about 8 months ago, then I felt I couldn't get any lower, now virtually pain free!! There is hope!!

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  • I wouldn't be taking it yet, wait until you have finished all antibiotics and completely free of infection. I wish enbrel had worked that well for me I have never been pain free but it did help with fatigue.

  • I had to delay starting my Benepali as I have been unwell and have had several courses of antibiotics. The advice I was given was that I had to have a clear week from taking antibiotics before taking mthx or Benepali and I had to take them two days apart...

    So, recommended mthx last week and have my first injection scheduled for tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

    I'm hoping for good results too although I know it's not always instant!

  • Like you l took my 4 injection yesterday but l remember the nurse saying you must finish any course of antibiotics and then wait two or three days to be clear of your system before taking the next jab and that day is the day you take it if you have to start afresh. I don't know if it is working for me as l take it with hydro and never felt it was doing me any good anyway but I have pinned my hopes on the injection I look forward to read how you get on in the future best of luck!

  • Thanks for your reply. The nurse rang me & advised I wait until next week to go back on injection plus back on oral methotrexate (I'm also on Hydroxychloroquine & naproxen!). I too have been desperate for benepali to work so, here's hoping for myself & you!?!?. But being on this site & reading all the info I know that there is still hope if this fails because of all the other drugs available. But even though it's early days I'm feeling very positive so far!

  • Hi I've been on it for a couple off months now and it's helped a lot but I'm starting to get a bit off pain back not as bad as I was , and I'm still getting awful fatigue but I suppose you cant have everything to be rosy in the garden and I've got the Rheumy nurse next week so I'll see what she says

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