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Advise needed

Iv been on mxt injections since feb now to begin with i was on 15mg then he took it up to 20mg iv been sick ever since but been unable to get in with him as the receptionists kept sayin they was busy, i will probs get given more folic acid to take i know but what i need advice on is my sickness im gonna sound so daft i know and probs shudda said something back in sept when i last saw my cosultant but i thought maybe id eventually get used to it plus im scared he might be annoyed as i got ignored for my first three years of havin RA so im now deformed in one hand so he is trying to un do it all thats why he gave me injections and took me off the tablet form so im worried he might be angry when i tell him basically i get more sick at the thought of injecting myself its wierd cos i have tattoos and im always havin bloods so im not really that scared of needled but for some reason doing it myself makes me more sick even just thinking of it maked me sick and sometimes i end up actually being sick, i feel aswell that i have no apetite what so ever anymore alot of people have said it cant be the drugs but i seem to have lost it since having RA and its got worse since being on mxt im skinny as it is (not by choice i hate being skinny it gets me down so havin no apetite and losing weight i dont have to lose gets me down alot and i could do without it, i used to eat so much where ad now its like i have a eating disorder even tho i havnt if that makes sense, i just need advice on if anyone on here had had this problem and if anyone thinks my doctor might get annoyed when i tell him im struggling to inject myself or if he will think im daft. So sorry about the essay

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I use a metaject pen- no problem and it doesn't hurt. I have 20mg mtx.


Im already taking it its not that it hurts it just i feel really sick and have no apetite


My feelings before I have my MXT injections is very much the same as you. I too feel sick 😷 beforehand. But somehow manage to give the injection. I mentioned this at my last telephone ☎️ review in September and advised to increase folic acid to 10mg the day before and day after MXT day and 5mg the rest of week apart from day of MXT.

The nausea may last from one to three days. I feel it's worse the more tired 😴 I am.

I really empathise with you. I often feel should I continue to take these drugs as feel rotten a lot of the time but continue as. I hope things will improve I may hopefully start to feel better soon. This is what I am being told all the time by people who are a couple of years of experience of RA.

Try to eat little and often.

Best wishes



A lot of people on methotrexate feel sick - but it seems that you feel sick at the thought of the injection? Could you have a go at thinking more positive thoughts before the injection?

like "This injection is really going to protect my joints", "This injection is going to reduce the inflammation" , This injection is going to reduce the pain", This injection is going to make it easier to do things"

I find it easier to cope with life if I change my negative thoughts about things into something positive even if it's just "It's raining again, oh well, that makes the crops grow."

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It sounds as though this has become a very real problem for you, I'm sorry because it's rough when it must be working having been on it some time. I think oldtimer's positive thinking idea is a good one you could try or alternatively is there someone at home who could inject you instead? With the pens it'd be really easy & may just ease your anticipation of administering it yourself until you feel happy enough to try doing it yourself again. The sickness may be helped by your dose being reduced a tad, certainly worth asking your Rheumy if that's an option.

My experience is on 17.5mg I've a little less appetite & a bit more tired the day after inject but if I go up to 20mg it's 4 days & feeling more rotten plus my liver objects, my Rheumy has noted this so it's in my records. I take 5mg folic acid every day except the day I inject but when I was taking sulfasalazine the nausea & sickness was disruptive enough to warrant an anti-emetic (anti sickness med) though I don't know if that would be considered helpful if in your instance, again you can but ask?


Oh hun, I know exactly how you feel. I too can not seem to inject myself. I actually started to cry when I picked up my precription!! I am still taking the tablets.

Please don't fear the rath of your doctor. It is your doctors SHAME for ignoring your RA for 3 years, not yours.

My last rheumy spent 2 years complimenting me on having "mild ra" as my symptoms snowballed. I always left his office sad and upset with myself for not being in crazy is that?...I felt guilty for my body betraying me when he told me it shouldn't be......

I will be virtually holding your hand when you walk into his office and firmly demand the mtx tablets. This is your life and you have suffered enough. If mtx tablets give you some relief, then, DANG, you deserve to have them.

Take care



Its my old doctors that ignored me i worded it wrong haha the first 3 i had kept shrugging it off my new doctor whos put me on the injections id amazin hes done loads for me and iv only had him for 11 months i just dont want him to think im bein a pain cos hes done so much and he put me on injections as the tablets didnt do much although i was on a low dosage as i had reactions when it was higher dose but my old doctors never tried to higher them and give me more folic acid they just saw i was having reactions and left it at a low dose thats why iv not been pit on the injections as your supposed to get less side effects, its mad as im more than happy to have needled done to me but for some reason i feel and sometimes be sick when doing it myself and i just dont want him to be annoyed when i bring it up iv hit a few blood vessels when doing it aswell so i think thats added to my fear, i dont even have anyone else to inject them as my family dont even like having injections never mind giving them haha

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