Iv been moved to mxt injections and start them next week i got all my stuff today from health care at home, my RA has been playing up all day and i suffer with trigger finger i was lookin at everything and moving the lid across on the sharps box to see how it worked and stupid me had managed to completley close it shut my hands triggered as i was looking so now its shut permantley and now im pankicking, will the pharmacy give me a new one if i ask does anyone know?? I dont really wanna ring the health care people up as they have to come from burton so im gonna feel so stupid calling them and explaining what iv done after having it for two minutes

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  • Yes I get my extra sharps from my GP . Hope it's the same where you live .

  • Do they charge you for a new sharps box?

  • No , I'm in England tho

  • Im in england too so hopefully it will be the same for me. Thank you for your help :)

  • And for future if you mess up the drugs, lose them , fry them ( yes I left mine in the sun!) you contact the health care at home!!!

    If you are travelling frio do travelling cases to keep injections cool until you get to a fridge ! And you get a note from your gp saying you are on the injections and I've never been dropped. Keep your meds in the plane with you( they freeze in the hold) xx

  • I will iv got there number so if i have any issues ill phone them i just would have felt stupid calling them and telling them iv managed to shut my sharps box when iv only just had them delivered haha, i see my nurse next week so shes showing me how to use them and keep them stored xx

  • Great , hope they help

    Very soon xxxx

  • Don't worry about asking healthcare at home for another one - I'm sure it happens a lot as I did it too once!

  • I've done it too, so you'll gather it's not unheard of! My Surgery prescribe mine & my chemists provide them. I'm sure HAH will give you another one. Oh & see your Rheumy about trigger finger, if you haven't already. I had mine injected with hydrocortisone & it released, not caused me much trouble since.

  • Thank you i felt so silly when i did it if i can get someone who manages to open it will it still work properly? Well im only just getting seen too properly iv gone from consultant to consultant so all the issues iv had have been ignored because my bloods have always come back perfect thankully tho a friend suggestion physio so i asked about it and they reffered me to a OT and it was only when i saw her that she pointed out all the things that were wrong and booked me in with a nurse as iv only seen a nurse once in four years, the OT gave me exercises and hand wax therapy and the nurse sent me for a ultrasound which i had never had either, the ultrasound came back showing alot of inflammatory thats why ive been put on mxt injection aswell as a new drug called hydroxachlrine think thats what its called iv also been reffered to a surgeon x

  • I'm not sure, I can't press hard enough now to totally close them, I can get it so far & it doesn't open but my nurse checks & completes the job. I do know that if it's been properly closed you shouldn't be able to open it.

    Well, you've not had a straightforward time of it have you? Hopefully once you're settled on your meds your inflammation will reduce & you'll start to become more like normal.

    Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was the first DMARD I tried in 2008, then MTX was added the following year. The two didn't work well for me so HCQ was withdrawn & I've remained on MTX at varying doses, 17.5mg at the mo but due to start double therapy again with another DMARD.

    Hope your appointment with the surgeon isn't long in coming.

    I forgot to mention, make sure your sharps box is a purple lidded one, for cytotoxic drugs.

  • I stupidly managed to close one of mine. It did come open again with pressure and the help of a knife and it did close ok again when it was full. You won't lose anything by getting someone to give this a try. I keep mine open, high up out of the way and don't touch the slider now until it is full and I seal it before taking it for disposal.

  • Yeah my friend managed to re open it again using a knife thank god haha i wont be touching it again until its full

  • It is hard to open,but it can be done, i have managed to shut it when i was on it and hubby got it open,but i am sure your pharmacy will change it for you so don't worry to much.xxxxx

  • Thank you xx

  • MTX sharps require a cytotoxic bin, my GP and Pharmacy are not licensed for them, so I have to get/return to my hospital 20 miles away. My daughter closed the lid on a box once but my husband managed to open it again - anyone around that could help you?

  • Do they actually open again? It says it my booklet once its shut its shut for good

  • Take the old sharps box into your pharmacist and I am sure they will replace it.[ they will need the old one back}. And I would imagine you are not the first person to do it. Don't beat yourself up over it it was an accident and you have enough to deal with.

  • Thank you i appriciate it :)

  • Health Care at home will deliver you a travel sharps box if you ask them.

    Just for future reference.

    They have always been really nice on the phone so I have found. I'm sure if you explained what had happened they would bring you a new one.


  • Thank you if the pharmacy cant give me one ill give them a call and exain :) x

  • They should just be able to post one out to you without having to deliver it, and your DR can order one for you to collect from the chemist.

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