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Anyones else have loss of apetite with RA? Iv always been thin even tho i used to eat like a horse my weights always got me down even tho my apetite was great, now im on the mtx injections it seems to have gone even more, when i first got diagnosed years ago i read you could lose ypur apetite with RA was just wondering if anyone has that symtom whilst taking mxt like i do, is it a symtom we just have to deal with?

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  • Wow!! Thank you for sharing..I too have lost weight..all I can say is it must be down to RA..what is the cure I dont know. Maybe someone on here has the answer?

  • I wish there was a cure i miss what i used to eat and i hate loaing weight when im skinny as it is (not by choice) it gets you down more

  • I realy understand..my appitite is very poor. Is it the meds i dont know..im on methotrexate15mg and was on the tablet. Thought that to be the problem so was put on the Metoject pen(soulution for injection) easy to use no problem and have been on for about 3 months. But still my appitite hasnt inproved..on my next visit to Rheumatology team i guess i need to tell them. In the mean time emma88 keep on keeping on and hope you find your way. :)

  • I don't think its the RA as such but its a known side effect of LEF so could it also be for MTX? I also think as I felt better I did more so it was easier to loose weight. However if weight is not a problem it could be if on the medications.

  • I have lost loads of weight,even though on steroids,it's very depressing, keep being told how thin you are.i do eat, not huge amounts, little and often.i put it down to the rd, as no one can explain why I have lost so much,so I just try to eat as much as I can, without feeling uncomfortable.

  • Hi Emma, I have recently lost weight through losing my appetite. I put it down to medication I'd been put on and taking lots of pain killers. My rheumatologist said it was probably down to high disease activity. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Once my medication began to take effect I feel lots better than the black hole I'd slipped into. My appetite is returning slowly. It's something I struggled talking about as a problem when so many people are dieting around you. I lost so much weight my periods stopped for 6 months which was a big worry as I do hope I can have children in the future. Being 35 I felt worried choices were being taken away. I think taking 5mg folic acid every morning apart from on methotrextrate day has helped and possibly moving to injections instead of tablets? I sympathise with you Emma.

  • I felt less sick on tablets than i do with my injections as the tablets wasnt slowing down my desease properly, its just annoying as im thin enough as it is so apetite loss isnt something i need haha i would just love to be able to eat like i used too :(

  • I was the same the tablets weren't doing the job they should have. I hope your appetite will come back. Just try small amounts more often to try and build it up. Do you inject at night?

  • I inject in the morning

  • Have you thought about injecting before bed at nighttime?

  • I havnt no, i may try it next week see if that helps

  • Worth a try 😊

  • I'd almost got down to my ideal weight last December when I was diagnosed with palindromic rheumatism. This was largely achieved by giving up gluten and processed foods, but I'd hit a plateau and couldn't shift the last four pounds. In January my diagnosis was changed to RA on account of my blood tests and at the end of the month I was put on 400mg Plaquenil. Within the first few weeks (before my dose was reduced) I lost over a stone. I didn't have any nausea, but it did affect my appetite and metabolism.

    Now my weight has stabilised at just under nine stone, a stone under what I'd like to be, and I hate it as it I feel it is unbecoming for a woman of my age and height (53, 5ft5ish). The consultant says that weighing less is better for my joints, but I liked having a bit of extra padding! Worryingly, I see that sulphasalazine (next step) also has appetite suppression and weight loss as listed side effects.

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