Random thing to ask but just want to know if anyone else has had it. Can you lose your eyebrows when taking methatrexate? Iv been on them a few years now and over the past few months only just started to relise my eyebrows have pretty much completly gone more on the one than the other, some people say it could be when penciling them in as apparently that can cause hair loss but then others say an eyebrow pencil cant do that, im not sure how long its been as iv only just started to notice as iv had to pencil in alot more. Was just wondering if anyone has had the same thing when being on methatrexate just so i know if it could be the tablets doing it. Random thing to ask i know but im 27 and eyebrows mean alot to a girl these days

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  • Have you had your thyroid tested, missing eyebrows is onef the classic symptoms.

  • No iv not been tested well as far as im aware i havnt, iv not been back to the doctors yet i only relised last night how bad my eyebrows have got, my eyelashes are fine and my hair falls out a bit more than before but nothing major to the point of me having no hair at all i just wanted to ask if anyone had experienced it before i go the doctors for it to be something silly like penciling them has done it didnt wanna look stupid with the doctors just wanted some advise first as the hair doesnt seem to be growing back at all

  • Maybe worth mentioning on your next visit to the gp. Hair loss whilst taking mtx is normal but never heard of it regarding eyebrows or lashes. Take care

  • Hiya Emma - oh no eyebrows are a big issue these days and I'm with you on this one !! Been on methx 2 1/2 years my hair has survived , a little thinner but has always been fine and my eyelashes are still very long but yes my eyebrows are much thinner and on one side there is almost a bald patch 😬 eek ! Can sort out with an eyebrow pencil much to my 14 years old delight otherwise I'm sure she wouldn't leave the house with me 😂 .... I thought maybe as I'm getting older (45) but agree have only noticed since the methx !! oh the joys .... X

  • You can actually have eyebrows tattooed on. Many women who have had chemotherapy for breast cancer sometimes have this done. If you want to consider it, look for a reputable company who have recommendations and references from other customers first.

  • I lost a lot of hair and most of my eyebrows while taking MTX. Then it continued to be a problem while taking leflunomide. Thankfully, my Rheumy doctor was sympathetic and changed my meds. Now that I am off of both those meds and switched to Enbrel and sulfazine, my hair and brows are coming back! Yay!!

  • I used to be on sulphasalzine but they wasnt doing much so put me in mxt its annoying cos thess help my stiffness much better but i dont wanna be losing hair to the point where it will never grow back. May have to see the doctor, theyve only just upped my dosage they wont be happy haha im not even on a high dose i didnt think a low dose would cause as much hair loss

  • Look at it this way? You don't have to shape them or pluck them -you can just draw whatever shape you fancy!

  • I go away soon tho for my brothers wedding and im not the kinda girl who just sits on the side of the pool i like to get my hair wet so they will come off plus drawing them on just for the pool everyday would be a chore haha

  • I have been taking MTX for about two years. There's definitely been a loss of hair, and the texture has changed, becoming much drier. Eyebrows have remained normal, but eyelashes have almost completely disappeared. I guess it effects people differently, but always with hair growth. Best of luck.

  • I lost hair on my head but not on my eyebrows. My Rheumy did ask me if I lost any eyebrows or eyelashes, when he saw how much head hair I lost. I think because he asked maybe some people do. But than again maybe he asked because he was trying to rule out something other than the MTX causing the issue. it was the MTX. My hair is now growing back, I got a 4 inch undergrowth everywhere on my head, then I have the 50% that didnt fall out and its a lot hair is quite a challenge to cut so I went to a senior hair-cutter, and she was able to shape it nicely, I like it now.

    Yes I agree eyebrows are important, they set your eyes and face. Its funny we take these things for granted until they are gone.

    I can suggest Biotin its in the vitamin isle, it was suggested to me, it is supposed to boost hair and nail growth. I didnt take it long enough to know if it works because my IBS acted up when I took it.

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