Hello Everyone :)

I am new here and wanted to introduce myself :) I have been suffering from strange symptoms for years with no resolution for long time. This prompted me to start studying alternative methods to get my health back. I am now in good shape and have stopped taking all medication as a result.

I am a single mother of 4 boys. They have been extremely healthy after our change to organic produce and holistic medicine. It brings me great satisfaction to share and discover holistic health solutions.

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  • Welcome Evolved2,

    I think it is very important for AI sufferers to learn all they can about their disease and of the treatments that may help. Functional medicine have brought a whole new perspective on autoimmune diseases and new research gives us constantly new information about the development and the key players in these diseases. We know today that years before the disease reaches the stage of tissue damage we can detect antibodies in our blood that predict the outbreak of a certain AI disease. We know also that it is possible to stop the progression before we fall ill by dietary changes and identifying what triggers the inflammation in our bodies. Learning about and trying out these alternative treatments should not be seen as a threat to the gold standard treatments but something that can compliment and give new dimensions to treating AI diseases. I am very much looking forward to learning from your experience.

  • Hi, Evolved2, wonderful to read that you are succeeding in your fight against AI. Would love to read about your methods and your experience with alternative medicine.

  • Hi I really welcome your post. Have you tried acupuncture ? I have an appointment with an acupuncturist next week in anticipation that it will help with inflammation. : )

  • Hi apbrook,

    Thought I'd share my experience and knowledge. There is actually quite a lot of research on the subject and acupuncture really does decrease inflammation. The reason for this is thought to the endorfin boost that acupuncture has been shown to give. I have combined LDN, that also gives you an extra endorfin boost with acupuncture and found its quite helpful. ( There exists even studies on this combination! )

  • Thank you for your reply. Will report on how I get on with the acupuncture. : )

  • Hi all, when I first found out I had RA, I tried Accupuncture twice a week without taking any meds (because I was scared how bad they were for you). I did this for two month straight. Although it helped a little, I was in a pretty terrible state for it to help much. So I had to go on meds after 2 months anyways. Once I stopped Accupuncture the RA god worse. So it could help if you have mild RA, but if you have sever RA it will likely not help much. Hope my experience is helpful.

  • Hi Evolved 2 - Just out of curiosity - what was it that you suffered from?

  • Thank you for your interest,

    I was depressed, I had severe anxiety, continuous infections and six surgeries because of the infections, IBS, GERD, sore mouth all the time, extreme pins and needles on hands and legs, joints swelling on extremities. I gained weight and developed hypothyroidism later.

    Most of this has resolved after I completely changed what I eat and drink. I started using herbal medicines, vitamins and minerals instead of eating the prescribed antibiotics about 6 X year. Also I have eliminated all toxic elements that I can from my life.

    Get Well :)

  • You probably caught your more serious AI disease in time and stopped the progression into fullblown disease. Congratiulations!😊

  • Interesting Evolved2. Do you have a diagnosed autoimmune condition, Rheumatoid Disease, Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis or other?

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