Hello again everyone!

Hello again everyone!

I've not been on here for a while but been quite busy. For those of you who remember me, I recovered from my emergency bowel surgery last Christmas (just left a hideous scar), my knee replacement has healed well and I can walk quite well now. I was attending the Pain Clinic but after questioning why I was not being offered (the promised) alternative therapies I was dumped. Basically, I wasn't playing ball. There was only so much 'breathing' and so many pelvic floor exercises than I could take any so perhaps I needed to read through my notes again. So? Sacked from Pain Clinic! I started hydrotherapy and acupuncture at my own expense and gradually with the help of Depo-Medrone injections started to get on top of things.

At the end of August we adopted a 5/6 year old golden retriever called Oscar, from Turkey. Yes, I know!! We thought that our nutty Labradoodle, Ralphie and our Greek Harehound Ada, from Cyprus weren't enough! I started Depo-Medrone injections and felt so much better to the point of being able to go walking with the dogs EVERY DAY!!

After weighing up all the pros & cons I'm going to have 3 monthly steroid jabs and see how it goes.

Nice to be back. ToD xx

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  • Welcome back, good to hear things are picking up for you. Well apart from getting the heave oh from the pain clinic ! Glad you are able to and are enjoying walking the dogs . That's one of my highlights of the day walking Lola my lab x Newfoundland especially at this time of the year, I love Autumn.

    Lovely to have you back take care Linda xx

  • Hiya Nic! Welcome back. Well, you must have felt like a naughty schoolgirl, being expelled from the Pain Clinic, how very dare they! Pleased things are on the up though, I remember how things were around Christmas time & hope everything's ok now, no repeat problems.

    Lovely to see a full pic of Ralphie, your other dogs too, they all look lovely, intently looking at something, a treat maybe lol? We lost our old girl, the adopted German Shepherd we brought over from Spain, but the other two are fit & well & driving us bonkers!

    Hope to see you around more now. x

  • That is definitely a "we are having a treat " photo. I have lots of those, but yes a beautiful three some.

    Wishing everyone a lovely day,Linda x

  • We do too! But what we don't understand is how they know what their 'pretty face' is, you know, the one you can't resist giving in to? :)

  • Hi Temple - I'm fairly new on here and didn't know your previous history, but it sounds like you are getting your hand around things and they (your hands) aren't screaming at you in the process. that's wonderful in any book, and the dogs are just wonderful!

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