Happy New Year everyone

Happy New Year everyone

Not doing much exciting this New Year's eve... normally don't . Normally an introspective time for me and even more so this year.

My life has never been without numerous and @ time seemingly insurmountable struggles. But I learned the practice of gratitude and in difficult times it has been my strength. Because in the end, the struggles gave taught me invaluable lesson and made me who I am ... and I am pretty happy with who I am ...

My greatest lesson i learned was that it was still possible to find joy a midst the storms ... Thank God for that ... had I waited for the storms to pass ... I would be miserable and bitter. I am not sayin there weren't times I didn't get the "poor me"s or "why me"s but practicing gratitude it's gotten easier to let it go and look for the lesson... learning to dance in the rain!

My New Year's wish to all of us struggling with whatever our struggles are!

Sincerely ... Christine

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  • thank you and a very happy new year to you. wishing you a pain free and struggle free start to 2016. sending you lots of Irish good luck and blessings with lots of hugs may the sky shine brighter for you and yours. I will now learn to dance in the rain instead of stomping through.

  • Love health and happiness for 2016.

    Hope everyone has a pain free new year.love to you all.

  • I couldn't agree with you more.

    Keep your head held high and keep smiling,that's my motto.

    God bless you this year.

    Love Jane x

  • Thanks -moving words -will try and dance in the rain as much as possible in 2016.

    Wishing you lots of rain dance moments.

  • That's very moving I hope everyone has a pain free new year xxx

  • Very well said! And wishing you a happy, pain free New Years! Hugs!


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