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Hi Everyone, havent forgotten any of you-thought i would say hello! xx

Hi all, how are we all doing? Haven't forgotten any of you-hugs to all of you.

What have i been up to?

Well, battling the mix if mtx and sulfasalzine, now on morphine patches, they were inreased, and the RA has affetced the mobility. So conceeded defeat and had to use a stick.

But despite all this, have been trying to keep writing and campaigning, rasing awareness of RA, been on radio, tv, and campagingin on disability issues- been to the houses of parliament twice, and paid for all of it with tiredness, but still battling

Have managed to set up a benefits welfare support group to help others going through assessments, and am in the process of setting up a service user forum for those battling mental health issues and have been in crisis.

The poetry is coming along, have written a fair bit, or should i say have spoken into computer software, the writing is well, won't go there, and can't hold a pen like i used to.

This is the first time i have been able to get on here for over a month now, but i have not forgotten any of you.

Have been out there trying to support those who are going through a lot, and raising awareness of RA, trying to campaign on behalf of the trust which has gone into administration.

Still trying to pace myself, and do rest more than i used to. Last weekend most of it was aslpeep or in bed.

Thinking of all of you, and take care, hope you are not in too much pain, or suffering too much, hugs to all of you. Paula xx

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Paula i was just answering your message you sent me on my blog stuck in chair and i was wondering where you had been and if you were ok. Nice to have you back. xxxx


Hey sweetie, will be popping in and out, and just saw the video of the poor woman on the escaltor, ah bless her but, it made me chuckle too, felt for her poor thing she must have been so embarassed bless her . hugs to you slyvi xxxxxxxx


Welcome back Paula,

WOW !!!! well done on all the positive things you are doing to help people with health issues, i felt exhausted just reading it.

Please remember to be kind to yourself as well and hope your own health improves too.

Love and ((((( hugs ))))) Beth 48 xxx

PS do still have a face book page if so would love details :)


hi Beth, sorry for the late reply have only just logged on, busy campaigning on nhs stuff, hugs to you first, am on facebook, if you look me up under the page for disability discrimination to be aboished, you can link to my profile paula peters, and send a request that way, am suffering with tiredness but morphine pay homage to the morphine ptaches, hugs to you sweetie. xxxxx


Cheers :) take care, Beth 48 xxx


Just wanted to say what an amazing lady you are Paula, hope you are ok and not in too much pain.

Big hugs to you too, take care




Hi Alison, hugs to you hope you hanging in there, trying to keep going, mostly tiredness, morphine has helped a lot, there are more amazing on here, trust me, am doing what i can when i can, take care and hugs xxxx


what a list of achievements! makes me tired just reading them, so amazingly well done. Hope your poetry book is progressing. Pollyx


Hey Polly,, how you doing, i went through the tiredness barriers and pain, but morphone helped i think, The peotry book should be out fairly soon, have e mailed them and waiting for them to get back to me, hugs your way and take care xxxx


I had two use two sticks, then one stick and luckily now no sticks!, nice to hear from you and well done on all that good work you are doing! xx

Take care x


Hey summer, glad to hear about the sticks, pleased for you, you are giving me fresh inspiration that one day i can get rid of it too, hugs to you xxxx


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