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My primary pain is in my hip at the moment. Walking for more than a few minutes is awkward and uncomfortable and starts to then make my lower back ache. Registering with a physio today but how do you exercise and increase your fitness (to help the joints!) when your body is screaming at you to sit down all the time? I really need to lose weight, but walking & swimming are so painful I'm feeling really down because I feel powerless to build my strength up. Do I tank up on painkillers and 'just do it'?

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  • Hi,

    When you are still at the peak of your pain, you can look into doing the chair exercises to keep you started. There are many these kind of exercises online. Below are good exercises else look for something that you can do at this moment. Do not give up, just start as you can.

    Below were what I did during my recovery process, it may give you a good idea to start something suitable to you.

  • Swimming is actually quite stressful on the body if you actually swim. Doing gentle movements and exercises (including just walking) in the pool is much gentler on the body. Worth trying to see if there is a hydrotherapy centre in your area to show you what it is sensible to do in the pool. I know if I try to swim crawl my shoulders get very sore, and with breaststroke its my neck and back that suffers, but I can do a lot of other movement especially with the aid of pool noodles, float bands, etc.

  • If you want to get your weight down the AIP diet will do that quite effectivly Yes swimming can be quite strenuous too. What I did in the beginning when my muscle strength was down, was to use one of those " sausages" that children swim with. You put it under your arm pits and then you swim normally but get support so it won't be too hard.😊 Then you can turn around with the sausage supporting your back and just paddle with your leggs, really good for knees!

  • Have you had any steroid injections for the hip pain? I had it badly and couldn't walk for more than 10 minutes but I had one injection followed by another 3 months later. It took about 6 months but the pain has completely gone. I am also on full prescription daily NSAIDs though as it appears I now have Psa which doesn't respond as well to MXt. I'm not sure how long I can do this but things going ok at the moment.

  • Sorry to hear of your pain. I have recently Had a one to one with a physiotherapist at my local hospital and she has given me some gentle exercises 3 laying down and 3 sitting on a chair, tailored to me. I went to a pain semina, which was very informative. I start an excercise class held by the physio dept. on Monday once a week for 4 weeks. I started lower back pain in March this year and is worse when walking. They have dx osteoarthritis, this on top of all the other health issues I have. I have been on a low carb high protein diet for 3 years and keep my weight down. This helps with the inflammation, but having had triple foot fusions on both feet my posture isn't what it should be. Exercise is important and hopefully your physio will advise what's best for you. Good luck.

  • I was in a similar situation in the first year of RA. I got hydro therapy at the local hospital to help me gradually to do those exercises by myself in a public pool. Later it took me a long time to get exercises tailor made for my weak spots, but persistently nagging my GP and the physio paid off. I now have an exercise regime which really helps me to get stronger. Hopefully you'll find a way too. It would be worth your while to look at the recommendation of Amy Lee. All the very best and keep us up to date of your progress.

  • An idea only, to check your vitamin D levels, my hip pain and lower back pain and others pains were all down to vitamin D deficiency. It was by luck I found this out. All went almost overnight amazingly once on a higher safe dose of vitamin D3.

    85% of us here in UK are either low or deficient in vitamin D, many do not realize, I didn't.

  • Simba1992, what is the AIP diet?

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