To rest... or to push on?

I've been struggling with a flare and a urinary infection on top. Been on half term this week, I work in a school, and have felt too tired to do anything except try and rest on the sofa. The thing is, I don't feel any better for it, in fact it's left me feeling really low and still hurting all over. My question therefore is, what do you find best - resting up, or pushing through and trying to keep moving? I know we are all at different stages, but interested to hear other experiences. Thanks.

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  • I use an ebb and flow method lol. I never do activities or appointments 2 days in a row! For example, my daughter's school has a trunk or treat tonight so I have rested all day and half of yesterday to minimize fatigue and pain today! No plans for tomorrow but girl scout party Saturday!

    Have you read about the spoon theory? It is a great resource! I just try to do what I can when I can! I push one day and rest the next, but that is how I live with my disease!

    I know this is long winded but I have brain fog pretty bad today! I hope you find your "happy spot" and please don't beat yourself up about not wanting to run this marathon called life!

    Gentle hugs,


  • Problem is I would like to run that marathon, and feel cheated that I cant

  • I'm learning to rest. When I was a healthy person, pushing it was totally fine and sometimes even good. Spend too long on the couch in jammies and it depresses anybody. Now? I can't push myself. If I do, I end up in urgent care or at the very least in bed several days in a row. I just pace myself as much as I can. I also don't do anything two days in a row. I try to have rest periods everyday.

  • It reminds me of when my kids were little and I had a schedule for naps lol the only difference is that I'm the one napping!

  • haha, I never thought of it that way! Too true! I use to have to schedule daily nap time and rest time around my little ones. Now they are scheduling it around me. That's sort of depressing actually lol.

  • I know but you do what works! My baby, who is 9, is pretty good about letting me rest!

  • My baby is 12 :) - older ones are 21 & 24.

  • My older kids are 24 and 18, one boy and one girl both in the Navy in San Diego!

  • Mine are all girls and all currently living with me. My 12 year old said the other day, um, my sisters are adults, should they still be living with their parents? (lol). Well, the oldest is in her masters program and the 21 year old is waiting for her boyfriend to graduate. The 21 year old is a huge help for me. She does 90% of the housework and chores.

  • Mine traded my chores for a Master Chiefs!

  • I pay my middle one ;) it works out for both of us. I'll miss her when she moves!

  • Man! I would pay someone but I don't know who I could trust!

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