Electric bicycle for exercise

I havn't posted for a while as work has been getting the better of me - pressure is on with us expecting our next full Ofsted inspection. Anyway, on a lighter note I thought I would share my latest experience of exercise using an electric bicycle.

Any of you that know me (from older posts or can guess from my user name) will know that I was a very sporty before RA. Compared to many of you on here I am very lucky to have it largely under control. However, I have noticed that the pain increases if I dont exercise. My daughter suffers with anxiety and doesnt get out much which has led to increased weight gain. But she has always been an absolute gem when I do have flare ups or feel down so I wanted to try something that could help us both....

I bought an electric bicycle off gumtree (bargain price) and we went out cycling together earlier this week - wow they are such fun. It is a little heavy, so will not be suitable for everyone, but for any of you that were sporty and want to get back out there, but cant due to ankles or knees being troublesome or are worried by the hills - give it a try. It made my day to go out in the fresh air and not worry about my knees or ankles swelling as there was no pressure on them like there is when I go walking. I live on a hill so previously would have had to walk with my bike up my road - but now I sit back and let the wheels do the moving for me when tired. One happy person :-)

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Oh gosh, I think you just saved my life!! Why haven't I thought of this! Will investigate ...immediately !,, xx


Lots of bicycle shops sell them now - some r heavier than others and different sizes. But great fun. I can now keep up with my step son!


Never heard of these bikes before, as allanah says will have to investigate what it's all about.


I bought a pro rider but there are loads on the market now. Basically, u can use it like a normal bike, but when u get tired or there is a hill on the horizon u then had the option of power assistance (mine has 3 levels) or u can even just stop peddling and use the throttle on thebike. It goes up to 15 mph so pretty cool. I got mine from gumtree as ebay sales were bit expensive as mainly dealers.


I got a hybrid electric bike last summer - mine allows you to cycle normally, and have an electric assist when needed, but its not a full electric bike as you cannot stop peddling all together. It is absolutely brilliant - hills are no problem, and I know that if I get tired I can use one of the three assist levels and zoom back home again. They are absolutely amazing.


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