Hi. Is it normal to feel a burning inside with RA. I thought it was menapause but this is much worse? Obviously this heat don't help. I am at the beginning of my RA journey and been on Azathioprine and hydroxychliroquine for 6 weeks and not working at all in fact I am feeling worse. Is the upper arm, shoulder and collar bone pain normal? I can't hold my hands above my head I am also so exhausted I could sleep forever x

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  • Hello there. Sorry you are still suffering. I am in the same boat. I still have awful pain despite a recent steroid shot in the behind, and taking sulfasalazine.

    I also have severe shoulder pain. It feels like I am being stabbed with hot knitting needles. I have a burning sensation in my feet and stomach. Is this what you mean. I also get night sweats, though less so after steroid shot.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • Whenever I have a flare, the hot sweats are worse. When the disease quietens down, they aren't so bad. But they tell me that the drugs AND the disease both cause the heat and the burning, so you can't win... But when I'm feeling better, getting less pain, and getting more sleep, it never seems so bad.

    So, I will wish you rapid improvement to the inflammation.

  • Thank you

  • I am glad you have posted this. I get a burning sensation all round my body but no-one at rheumatology seems to know what it is.

  • It's like my blood is boiling it's like a hot flush but worse

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