hot burning running through your veins sensation?

hello again,

as some of you may know already my RA has been very well controlled for a while now but confused by this...

I have had a cold/runny nose, sore throat for a for a few days, no sign of infection. Was vert tired yesterday.

I woke up in the night with this intense heat, feel like it's everywhere and some pains in joints to go with it, I remembered reading some post of some of you experiencing this, didn't feel like a fever heat. I'm still quite new to all this so maybe this is normal, do you think it may be that I'm starting to flare?

thanks :)

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Hi Williby,

Maybe was a night sweat? I hate to ask but would you be around the age for menopause? I was finished mine mid forties, and shortly after diagnosed with RA, my symtoms included fiendish night sweats,

It could be just part of the virus you have?


Hi Wiliby,

For the first couple of years after I was diagnosed I used to feel like my body was on fire.It was especially bad at night.It felt like a dry internal heat and I often threw the duvet off even on cold nights.It felt like the hot feeling I had from time to time when I was pregnant.I asked the GP and she didn't have an answer.

Just wondering if you are taking co codamol or another strong painkiller as I finally worked out that when I had to take these regularly the heat was worse.I changed to paracetemol and noticed the difference right away.

Sometimes being very warm does make us think about a flare but I think that all the medication we have to take does cause confusion to our body thermostat.

Hope you feel better soon xx


thanks Gina and avjh,

I'm 39 (ouch) never crossed my mind being the start of the menopause! you were young Gina weren't you? last night was the first in a few that I didn't take any painkillers (lemsips all week) but you describe it perfectly avjh, the dry internal heat, I just panicked and was worried that my meds had stopped working, I'm over analysing :)

thanks guys :) xx


The fact you had had a bad cold could have given you a temperature?. I always finds infections/ viruses make joints play up too x


Hi Wiliby. Hope you had a better night and your joints have settled down xx


awh, thanks avjh :)

and yes Alison, you prob right but it's hard to know whats what, I'm such a drama queen (you must be getting that by now!!lol)

much better night last night, slept well, even little one slept to 7am rather than her usual 5.30...

Hope your all well today, going to read avjh blog now xx


Don't be daft you're not a drama queen at all!! And it may have been my early posts on here that you were thinking of re deep heat sensation? My first ever question was about this actually. I still get it - and find it very confusing as I'm now quite advanced in my menopause and have never experienced the hot flushes that others speak about?

When I came off HU for a bit I went to Menopause Matters and asked people there about it but no one seemed to share this feeling of deep heat around joints and limbs that I've had for about 2 years now. So I left Menopause Matters (got cross when I read about joint pains that I felt sure were to do with some form of arthritis and all these poor people were putting them down to meno - had never heard of being sero-negative for RA?). When I asked my gynae about these heat flushes in joints and up my back he said he hadn't heard of anyone having them menopausaly and thought it was more rheumatoid sounding.

Someone on the Arthritis Care forum said they had it and believed it was to do with post inflammatory rush of blood to protect or sooth the parts that had been injured/ damaged. I liked this theory the most and have therefore chosen to run with this but I may be self deluded of course. In my case it's not at all unpleasant and not all the time either - I have spells of it and it does seem to relate to areas which have been soorest. I did wonder if it was inflammation but think not because I had a hugely intense spell of it when I was on the Prednisolone. A winter warmer for me and I like to think of it as being a healing thing anyway!

Sorry what a ramble I'm on... you can tell the hands and everything else are still not playing up too much today - also enjoying that greatly!

TIldaT xxxx


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