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Some self help for pain relief please give it a go and let me know what you think.😍😊

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As a complementary therapist I see how amazing the power of touch is on the mind and body; It is ture that touch and massage are instinctive and intuitive. I see how using massage, aromatherapy, hot stone massage or reflexology helps clients with their pain, helping them get some relief from their pain and more importantly relaxation not only for them but myself. 😊

I encourage my clients to help themselves by using a golf ball, as funny as this sounds the texture on the golf ball makes it a perfect tool for self help tool. By rolling the golf ball between your hands, slowly all over the plams of your hands you are giving yourself a form of reflexology working all the knots and tension out of the body. The neck is just where the fingers meet the palm of the hand, so working slowly over this area you will feel the crystal popping for yourself, your also working shoulders at the same time. The lower back is the thumb pad, by working the whole of the plams your helping yourself and your internal organs like liver, kidney, spleen , digestive system and lungs ect.... to balance and recharge themselves. Give it ago and let me know what you think of it. There are lots of massage balls and tools out there, but most people can get hold of a golf ball for free. Why paid if you can borrow one or find one in charity shops very cheaply.

Good luck trying it it definitely worth using little and often, I suggest 10 to 15 minutes at a time; please don't over Use!! As you can will make your hands sore, plus you can watch telly while doing it so win, win.

If any one has any questions about this please just ask me many thanks Tanya 😊

Give it a whirl I use on daily for myself 😍

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Hello Tanya,

I will be be trying this. I love using complementary therapies when I can and as a plus my husband is a golf fanatic and there are golf balls all over my house, so I won't even have to go looking for one. I have always found rolling things in my hands relaxing as it is and there are often 'worry stones' in my pockets that I have picked up on walks which I like to touch as I go along because they are tactile. Maybe my inner senses were telling me how to help my stiff fingers all along! :)

Thank you for the tip. I'll report back on my progress.

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TanyaOBoyle in reply to Kariss

Morning kariss, it's amazing how many husband play golf 😊 xx at least you have plenty to hand. I like collecting shells and stones I come across especially if I am drawn to them; with them been organic they are very tactile. Nice to hear your doing the same. Rolling fingers with pencil is also very good for aching fingers and headaches xx enjoy trying out using golf ball have a great day 😊

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hi tanya i have had reflexolagy several times i find it very relaxing i think most people find someone just rubbing the feet feels great i will have a go with the golf ball thank you for your advice have a nice sunday xxx

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TanyaOBoyle in reply to mason

Reflexology is my favourite treatment to give; I do 4 different types too so that makes it even more satisfying. I am glad to hear you enjoy and benefit from it 😊

Have a nice day Mason 😊

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Hi Tanya

As an aromatherapist, are there any specific essential oils you would recommend for massage for RA?



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TanyaOBoyle in reply to Em13

My choice in oils is usually down to the person I am treating, if you like the smell it usually means you need that particular oil and if you don't like any you don't need them at this time.

I like lime for pain, lethargy,antispasmodic, anxiety,anti inflammatory and uplifting

Roman Chamomile for antispasmodic, anti -inflamatory,calming, insomnia ,migraines ,swelling, pain and sedative.

Black pepper for analgesic, antispasmodic, stiffness and swelling ( use with caution too much can over stimulate the kidneys)

Cypress for antispasmodic, balances sympathetic nerve system, rheumatism,swellings and stiffness

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Black pepper, clove bud and clary sage. These are analgesic,antispasmodic and calming.

Arthritis I also like Chamomile, black pepper, ginger, juniper Berry and lavender. To relieve build up of fluid around the joints and ease the discomfort associated with this condition.

Joint and muscle pain.

Rosemary,Eucalyptus, and peppermint, ease aching, sore and tense muscles and painful joints.

Hope this helps sorry it's so long. I usually mix my blend of oils to what the person I am working on like the best. My first choice might not be there's and as they are being treated it up to them to choose. ❀😊

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Em13 in reply to TanyaOBoyle

Thank you so much, Tanya. I'll make a note of these. Quite a few I already have. I tend to use wintergreen on my achey bits, but my husband doesn't like it. He says I smell like a rugby player!

I shall look out for a golf ball too.

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Clare-NRASNRAS in reply to TanyaOBoyle

As with anything it is always best before embarking on any complementary therapies to discuss it with your health professionals i.e. your physiotherapist or specialist nurse/consultant etc. as some studies have raised concerns about some contra-indications (interactive properties with prescribed medicines etc.) fpr certain oils used in aromatherapy.

For further reading on the topic take a look at

Also ARUK have an excellent booklet on Complementary and alternative therapies for RA, OA, fibromyalgia and lower back pain that lists a whole range of therapies and the evidence for or against or if there is any evidence.

Hope this is helpful.

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TanyaOBoyle in reply to Clare-NRAS

Hi Clare,

I understand your concerns like; I said when mentioned essential oils; it's about the person I am working with. After filling in consultation form and checking their medical history, I treat them according to their needs. I do not want to give wrong advice, they were just suggestions.

Using massage aids to help pain relief is something most people will have already tried for themselves.

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Hi Em13,

There are there is will send them to you later as at the deep with my grandchildren at moment 😊

Will reply when I get home later

Thanks for your reply 😊

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Thank you TanyaOBoyle for the tip with the golf ball for stiff hands. I shall certainly try it....when I get a golf ball as I don't know anyone who plays golf 😬

I also suffer from foot pain and plantar fasciitis.....have you any tips to help the pain ? I'm on my feet all day at work.

Many thanks. Love & Light πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€—

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Moomin8 in reply to KSee

KSee - I have a pile of golf balls collected from a walk near a pitch and putt golf's amazing how many miss-hits are made and balls not found lol. I'm going to give this a try too - thanks TanyaOBoyle ☺

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TanyaOBoyle in reply to Moomin8

Thank you I am glad you liked it; let me know how you found using the golf ball. There is something soothing about using it, you can feel the crystal under the ball breaking down. It's simple to use as long as you don't over use it enjoy trying it at least you have plenty to keep you going 😊

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TanyaOBoyle in reply to KSee

Hi KSee, Thank you for your reply. 😊

Do you have a foot spa? If not a washing up bowl will do; soaking your feet in warm water with Epson salts it very good. Just water with some peppermint foot soak will help.

I hope you find a golf ball to give that a try to 😊 xx foot massages are good if you know someone who could do you one. If not is there a local college offering beauty treatments? As students need to practice their skills and the price is very reasonable to. Most offer pedicures which includes foot massage.

Not many of us ever give our feet another though until they hurt πŸ˜• feet work so hard keeping us walking and standing they do deserve some pampering just for that

Many thanks x

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KSee in reply to TanyaOBoyle

Hi Tanya....Just got off the bus near my home and there outside a charity shop was a bucket full of golf balls ! So I splashed out and bought 2 @ 10p each πŸ˜‚.

Going to be following your advice. X

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TanyaOBoyle in reply to KSee

Hi KSee it was obviously meant to be, that's a good bargin too 😊 xx

As long as you don't over use it, you should be able to feel the crystal under the ball breaking slowly roll over all the palm of your hands. If you do it too quickly it's not working as efficient. Have fun it's definitely worth having a good 😊

Hope you find it helps KSee, use it little and often ❀

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Hi Tanya,

Thanks, I'll give that a try. I've been having a course of Reflexology on my feet, and found it very good. I've got RA and this year it's worked on my nerves so I now have a foot drop with Vasculitic peripheral Neuropathy. I've always felt that Reflexology works and will keep up with it, maybe once a month after my 6 treatments. A colleague recently had Acupuncture and mentioned my foot drop. The lady thinks it could help although it may take time. I've booked a treatment and will see what happens. The foot has improved since it happened on 5th May but it's still has no muscle driven upward movement and I'm still taking Gabapentin for the pain. Acupuncture was mentioned when I e-mailed the advisors on this site about the nerve pain so I think a lot of people accept that complementary treatments can help.

All the best to you, I hope you have a great day/week


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TanyaOBoyle in reply to rawillbebeaten

Hi Michelle;

I hope the reflexology will help you, it's very relaxing and most people report their sleep quality is better after a treatment. Unfortunately the treatment results don't last all week but they do help short term especially if your able to have regular treatment. Yes about 4 to 6 weeks is usual for maintance, plus it's some very important ME time too x

Thank you good luck with your treatment's I am glad you are getting the benefit from them

Hope you have a good week too 😊

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