Don't let stress fool you

Hi All - After all of my great news this week, we had a tornado watch last night, and it was rumbly - thundery, lightning, golf-ball sized hail, and greenish skies with 72 mile an hour winds. After hurricane Matthew last fall, with one part of a tree through our roof and bedroom ceiling, and one tree completely down (these are 80' trees) across the truck and front yard, I am now terrified of major storms. The kitty and I were both hiding under the bed. Well, not really, I was hiding in the central hall holding her, but we were both scared and I couldn't do anything to put a brave feeling on it.

While I felt all right last night, today I can hardly walk, my hands are killing me, I can barely use my wrists, and my hips are not happy. So, if you wonder what kicks off your RD... consider, or reconsider, stress.

Hope you are all having a wonderful, stress free day and weekend!

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  • Oh wow! I sure am glad your ok. That has to be way scary & stressful. Maybe being on the floor, plus without knowing, u could have tightened up your muscles being scared. That could do it. Hope u feel better real soon! Sending u beautiful thoughts.🌻

  • Thanks so much Rich girl - Yeah - I was totally tightened. Hard as a rock there when my DH came to see if me and the kitty were okay - ha ha. And it's weird - I felt fine last night when I went to sleep finally, but not today at all.. Thank you again for the nice thoughts..

  • Ofcourse. I'm just glad u & your precious kitty is ok.🌻

  • Hi Caeryl...hope all your carefully stacked logs didn't get blown down!

    I am sure stress affects my RA.....even when I was successfully longterm on Mtx, if I got really stressed my hands & wrists would swell & stiffen up. I now try to take life as it comes the past I stressed for England, but now I literally let it go!

    Mind you....I would have been under that bed with you & kitty last night.....clutching a nice glass of Red!

  • Hi AC - Dang - I should have had some wine with me - ha ha. I just had a hard grip on my little girl, while my poor hubby tried to figure out what to do with us =)

  • Aww bless you darling i hope you soon feel brighter.xxxxxx

  • Thanks Sylvi - Much better today - pain levels back down to almost normal. How are you feeling after your second infusion?

  • It hasn't worked darling.xxxx

  • Oh man - I am so sorry - I had hoped it would do as well as the last one... Any idea what comes next for you?

  • They are going to ring me Wednesday to talk to me.xxxx

  • Best luck and thoughts Sylvi

  • Sorry to hear this Sylvi.

    PS I wish there was an "unlike" button :(

  • Oh bless you and your cat. It must have been truly terrifying and I'm so glad nothing major happened to your house and yard. Stress can be a killer, literally. Hoping for a kinder day for you today


  • Thanks so much Jan - We are fine now. It just went on for five hours which made it worse.,. There were tornados spotted not far from us and it just never seemed to end - Fortunately, I am better now.

  • Exactly, stress not good! Shame DWP don't seem to know that!!! So pleased that you and kitty were ok xx

  • Thanks so much Spooky - Hmmm - I don't know if they know it or not, but for sure they don't give it enough credit

  • Omg - what a frightening experience for both you and your kitty - so glad you got through it ok.

    Unfortunately I too learnt the hard way that stress is a huge part in my condition getting worse,so as much as it kills me,I try everything I can to keep away from stressful situations nowadays - although I completely understand that you had no control over last night at all!!

    Once again,so sorry to hear about your night,and thoughts are with those that maybe weren't so lucky if they were hit at all?! Here's to a couple of restful days and fingers crossed/bent that you recover pretty quickly

    Nicki xx

  • Thanks Nicki - Yes, absolutely. My prayers were with those that were hit.. After October I just didn't want to join their ranks - ha ha.

  • How scary. I'm glad you are safe. I can not even imagine the fear of a tornado. I get scared when our November winds reach 10 miles an hour.

    Hopefully the pain you feel is due to clenched muscles. Sending you gentle hugs.

  • Thanks so much Sue - Yeah - it's bad enough that we have hurricanes here, but to throw in tornados sucks - ha ha. I am feeling better today. I hope tomorrow I will be fully recovered. Hope you are having a great day!

  • Hi, saw your post a bit late - a huge YES to stress being a trigger, no doubt about it! I can sympathize about your tornado watch, this is the season that causes me more worry than any other, with my daughter living in Arkansas, and before that, Oklahoma. Right in "Tornado Alley". That's why she went to the US in first place, to join the storm chasers, she was just so keen on weather /severe weather, studying it etc. Plain crazy, in my opinion! Anyway, back here in Scotland I get stress enough watching the news on TV! Glad you and that lovely puss are all ok. Hugs!

  • Thanks scotslass - I appreciate the kind thoughts.. Weeks - There are many things I would do in my life, but chasing extreme weather is NOT one of them. Here's sending great safe thoughts your way.

  • Without a doubt my stress causes my flares to be really bad. Last July my daughter moved to Florida for a job. We didn't know anyone in Florida and had one week to find a place for her to live, furnish it and have all the utilities hooked up! She is my only child so i was so worried for her safety and how we would both handle being 13 hours apart! I truly believe that the stress i was dealing with played a huge part in by body reacting to humira(i had been on humira for 10 years)I developed "lupus like syndrome" my body went crazy, i developed a bad rash, joint pain and months later my hair started thinning. I am currently not on humira but still taking my methotrexate and prednisone. My ra doctor and my family doctor do not support the idea that stress causes my ra to flare. I disagree!!

  • Hi Cillfred - You are absolutely right. If you search the NRAS board here for stress you will find many, many posts that agree with you. I am pretty certain that stress at least exacerbated mine 6 years ago... I had been diagnosed for the prior 4 years, but once four really major things came in at once, that did it. Yeah - It's unfortunate that the docs don't agree, but you won't find much argument here..

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