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Told bursitis for about 6 months now Dr says its not!!!

Told bursitis for about 6 months now Dr says its not!!!

Hi all, I've not posted for a while but I'm lurking in the background reading your posts.

So I have Sero positive RA diagnosed in March this year. I'm on 25mg Methotrexate injections weekly. It's in both hands, both wrists and left shoulder. Around June i was in the ahower and hear a pop when rinsing my hair and had a searing pain shoot from elbow to shoulder and then a day later a lump appeared in the crease of my left elbow just above on the inside (close to body) I went to the walk in center and they sai it was bursitis and continue all meds ( tramadol & naproxen) and it would control it. Long story short I have since visited 4 other dr including Rheumy and rheumy nurse who all said bursitis. Anyway it's now getting bigger and pressing on my nerve making my ring finger and pinky numb. It started about the size of a 10p now it's the size of a golf ball but oval shaped so I visited my usual G.P ( he's never seen it before ) and he said in no uncertain terms is it bursitis!!! He's sent me for an X-ray ( awaiting results) and ultrasound (still waiting for it). Now using Dr Google the only thing I can find which matches symptoms and shape, size etc is lymphoma an now I'm kinda freaking out???? Plz anyone any experience of same thing or similar. Thanks for taking the time to read x

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Try not to freak out until you get the results. I think you can probably rule out lymphoma though - I really dont think that would suddenly appear with a pop as you describe it - it would be something that grew slowly.

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Hello BOB here

You say you have now seen your GP who has sent for tests XRays, Scan etc, That is a good call for this.

You say you heard a pop, your GP is possibly checking for a dislocation, although the scan, the tests will possibly take about a week to get them to the surgery.

Your shoulder has a bruising, this may be caused because the bone has been bruised.

If it is the former complaint I feel that the swelling should have gone down.although that is my opinion

Mind I am not a doctor or associated professional, only your GP can give a diagnosis.

It will be advisable possibly to give the surgery a call and make an appointment so you can get the results. Sometimes I understand that the surgeries will tell you what is wrong over the phone although I would want to see the GP to get the results

Where do you get all the doctors ???.

All the best



Hi Bob...

It looks sore...

Since the lump and redness originally happened suddenly from a movement you should also look up a tear or rupture of the tendon - with any luck you should find out soon what the scan says.

Good luck, let us know how it goes :)


Hi. So sorry to hear if your woes. My husband was told by the gp he did not have gouty was given diclofenic and naproxen. But he had a stroke and hospital initially took him off all meds which was understansable but he then had a flare up.they called the rhumey in and she extracted the fluid in his elbow and the result was gouty arthritis. Prior to the stroke he had 40 years of completely good health and never had a gp appt except 15yes earlier when he started having joint pain and all he got was repeat after repeat perscripton for diclofenic and naproxen. Thr rhumey said gps cannot tell from the blood test and only extracting the crystals would give a positive diagnosis. Maybe you could ask them to extract, some fluid for testing. I do hope you get an answer......I feel for you. Good luck.


I tore a tendon in my upper arm and yes a pop and excruciating pain. Took ages to heal and yes I had a lump. Ultrasound helped I can't take Steroids or anti inflammatories. don't panic it may be a torn ligament/ tendon or something similar, dr google is way too scary


Hi everyone, thank you for all your replies and advice. Sorry only just replied I've not been able yo log on since i posted!

The lymphoma bit I found online stated about it being triggered by injury an since it started 6 months ago and gradually got bigger it kind if freaked me out and having to wait so long for any results is making me turn to Dr Google. The lump is painless itself it seems to be more painful as its pressing on a nerve


Jillybean, did you find out whats going on? Is it still raised, red and sore?


Hi Netbuudy, unfortunately I am still non the wiser, its still quite big and painless itself but painfull as its pressing on my nerves causing trigger fingers. I am still waiting for an ultrasound (5 weeks after clear X-ray) as soon as I find out any more I shall let you know.


Sorry its continued to plague you and you havent an answer yet... does it always take 5 weeks to get in to have an ultrasound?


I'm not sure to be honest, after my rheumatologist diagnosed me Sero Positive I had ultrasounds on both hands and wrists and they were within 2 weeks but not sure if they were rushed through or not, sorry


Did you find out about the lump in the crease of your arm. I'm having the same problem.


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