Reflexology and Indian Head Massage !!!!!!

If you have read the recent blog by swissmiss/Christine and following comments, you will know that she has had some really good advice from Lena who knows a lot about hair styling. So, it got me thinking that there must be a wealth of talent between us all and it might make an interesting Blog.

So to start us off, I am an artist these days, but I started my working life in cosmetics. I am a qualified in Reflexology and Indian Head Massage. How about you ............

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  • I am thinking of studying in the above subjects and or nutrition to diversify career path and set up my own practice.

    Im qualified in pharmacy, and chemistry and have a teaching assistant and a health care qualfication too x

  • I an a qualified Specialist Nurse. I practice indian head massage and also, qualified in Reflexology and 1st level reiki.

    I also hold a teaching and assessing qualification, teaching student nurses..

    I have already completed an introductory course in counselling. May do the 2year coupse depending on how my health permits.


  • So many qualified people do get involved with natural treatments, I suppose it is all part of helping people with whatever they are suffering with. So now you are on your way to expanding your repetoir by adding the mind and and emotional aspects of well being. that sounds good to me.

  • Ive only had an indian head massage once and it knocked my legs out from under me I was staying at a health spa for a couple of days (xmas present from hubby)it was wonderful I would love to get another but they would have to visit me as there is no way Icould drive after it


  • Yes, I used to love it when someone else gave me Indian Head massage or Reflexology. Both are very relaxing as well as being beneficial healthwise. I miss both just talking about them. June x

  • I am currently running a small baking business, and have a tea garden at home during the summer. I also look after horses. I was a secondary English teacher for over 20 years until RA.

  • thats sounds a great business, especially the tea garden, I like nothing better than afternoon tea ( tea and cake) x

  • Hello Dotty, Oh I wish you lived near me, because I would love a cup of tea and a nice piece of cake in your garden, from time to time. Horses have always been a passion for me, I've never owned or ridden one, but my husband used to treat them with Aloe vera and bee hive products and he had a lovely way of putting then at their ease. These days it is my greatest joy to paint them. June xx

  • What another great idea for blogs! We are a very diversified bunch!

    I am a retired Medical Laboratory Technician, Microbiology Specialist. I have been mostly involved, after retirement, in public service, city government, and organizing a couple groups, one for a Support Group for Arthritis/Fibromyalgia patients and their families, sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation, with meetings once a month, with a speaker from one of the many professions dealing woith these patients. The other is a Blockwatch (Neighborhood) Crimewatch, in cooperation with the local Police. We encourage neighbors to be aware of suspicious activity, or loitering persons, or houses where many cars are in and out of the driveway signs of drug activity. Also to be aware of each other, let each other know if you are away on vacation, look after older, and disbled, neighbors.

    I have been on an ADA Advisory Council for the city, to inspect all city owned buildings and entertainment sites, to be sure they are handicap-accessable.

    I also write a monthly column for the local newspaper, relaying news from the Arthritis Foundation, about current research, new drugs being tested or introduced, and also usually one topic a month on dealing with the many aspects of our diseases.

    For more fun, I do Decorative Painting, with Acrylics, painting flowers and birds on anything I can get my hands on, including field stones..flat ones, that I scrub, base coat and paint flowers on to use as stepping stones in the garden or along the edge of the gardens.

    I raised four adorable little boys to four rather handsome nice guys. They gave me 7 grandchildren, one of them has given me a great-grandson, and in 3 weeks or less, will give me a great-grandaughter! In my life's garden of flowers, they are my perennial favorites. :)

    I also do cross-stitch and Crewel embroidery, on tablecloths, quilt tops, pillows and pillow cases. That's me. Loret xxx

  • Hi another technical person then, I Chose chemistry over biology as there was too much competition in the jobs market after fuirther study, the only biology job in my area would have been old MAFF (ministry of agriculture, fisheries and food looking at coW dung or similar, the human equivalent of pooh, wee and blood in hosPital lab, didnt appeal either. I am however a people person so MY illness might yet cause a direction change x

  • I don't think I could cope with any of those body fluids either!

    Good luck with whatever direction you decide to head for :-) x

  • Wow Loret, you are a very busy and positive person.

    The world is a better place for people with so much to give, like you.

    Congratulations on your lovely boys, your grandchildren and your great grandson and great grandaughter to come. I guess you never have time to be bored or down in the dumps!! Thank you so much for telling us all about yourself :-) Lol June xx

  • Thank you, June :) Of course, there are slow days! Especially with this weather! I also am so desperate for Spring, atleast it is a promise of Summer. I know I am behind in planting my seeds saved from last year's pepper crop :)

  • I know exactly what you mean, I have been more desperate than ever for spring to come this year. I keep looking at the bulbs I planted last year and willing them to grow quicker than they are ! My greenhouse needs a clean and preparing to grow some seeds again this year, but it's been too cold Hasn't it.

    Oh well lets hope it's just around the corner :-)

  • When I was younger (years ago) I trained as a cook then went into retail

    Was a team leader but am now on a career break due to ra

    Karen x

  • I think you are in good company Karen, there are many of us on forced career breaks due to RA ! June x

  • I've only ever been a working artist and parent of three. I grew up in London but studied in Cornwall and then post graduate in painting at the Royal College of Art before moving up here in my twenties a year after graduating - with my husband.

    I used to earn the money from it when the boys were little, exhibiting regularly in galleries in London and abroad. Then in 2003 this had become unsustainable because I felt like a production line and it showed in the artwork I was producing. So I combined forces with my husband whom I had met many years earlier at art college in Cornwall.

    We make artwork that is about ideas and presently do our making with stitch/ embroidery. We are non commercial and are both passionate about the processes of making by hand so we dont use machines and our work is essentially contemplative. I have slowed down a lot since RA and recently my husband has been the driving force for new ventures - but we are now on our sixth public art project and I'm leading it once more so back on track if slower - mainly because of exercise time and getting much more tired. My husband is also a contracted night care worker at the local old folk's home.

    The switch from solo artist to collaborative artist has been rewarding on many levels but it means less time in studio and more working with the public. I'm rubbish at baking but good at organising events and planning. We have young volunteers who will be getting work experience with us soon and hopefully this will take a bit of strain off my hands and give them some skills and encourage them to be resourceful and inventive as we've had to be. Tilda x

  • I'd be interested to know where in London you came from ? I come from Mitcham in Surrey and studied at Wimbledon Art College.

    It sounds like you've had a wonderful life so far with yours and your husband's art skills. I used to regret not following through after leaving college, but I had so many other interests at that time.

    I have my eldest daughter to thank for my return to art, because we lost her sixteen years ago with Leukaemia and I was sad that she never got to do the many things she wanted to achieve in her life and that made me decide to pick up my paint brushes again. I am forever grateful for the lovely gift she left me with :-) xx

  • How awful for you to have lost a beloved daughter and what a great tribute to her that you've got back to painting. I was born and raised in Hammersmith. Tilda x

  • I am a qualified as a language teacher but now I'm just a stock photographer. I used to be a fashion model when young then I worked as a stewardess , a travel agent and a tourist information assistant. I used to paint in oils and sculp clay. I also did a course on Indian head and shoulders but my hands ache so much these days I can't do it. Due to the aches and pains photography is all I do these days!

  • At least you have followed some interesting paths in this life. My husband used to benefit from Indian Head and reflexology, but like you it has become too much for my hands. What is a stock photographer?

  • Yes I have done but it's much worse now that I can't any more!

    I also learned the head massage for my husband as he gets a lot of shoulder aches but now I can't help him any more.

    re stock photography : I am an image contributor to Getty Images UK = I supply photograph for marketing and advertising (the money is peanuts!). Nothing exciting !

    But my real passion is wildlife photography when I can travel.

  • My husband misses his head massage particularly too.

    I know that there's not much money in the sort of industry which you are involved in, which is a damned shame.

    I have had done some fact finding about producing artwork for greetings cards and for children's books, but the rewards are peanuts too.

    I can understand your passion for wildlife photography, because I really love painting wildlife and over the years I've sold a lot of paintings and it has been my wildlife paintings which I've sold most of. It's a subject of passion for so many people, I think.

  • I'm an LSA ..Learning Support Assistant for low ability children and children with behavioural problems ....I love my job it's so rewarding but also knackering lol ...I have been signed off for 2 weeks and I miss my little people soooooo much :) ..just glad I got my own kids to make me smile :)) and looking forward to going back to school :) x

  • I hope it's not long before you get back to those little people, I bet they are missing you just as much as you are missing them :-) xx

  • I'm a qualified community support worker, I work now in mental health but have held posts in criminal justice system as a specialised addictions worker; I've worked in Street projects for young people, I also trained and delivered harm min workshops. I trained as an auricular detox specialist but am no longer licensed. Used to run a programme funded by social services.

    I am father to four, two boys two girls, my oldest is 26 my youngest is 2 my life is full of school runs, school clubs, toys, I'm 50 this year and developing RA has really had an impact. Most of the time I'm happy but there are moments when it's all encompassing. Must press on as at home today with youngest watching baby tv:-)

  • Your life is very full by the sounds of things. You join quite a few people on this blog site who have been and still are very busy in local or wider communities. It's really great to hear. So sorry that you've been stopped in your tracks by the dreaded RA. :-(

  • In my early working life I trained as an estate agent (don't judge me please!). When my children went to school I set about re-educating myself. Did a degree in psychology, bit of time off cos of RA then Learning Support Assistant part-time before going on to do my Primary School teaching certificate. I loved that job but alas.......Can no longer take an active part but would love to be involved in planning curriculum based activities in public places ie: zoos, museums, country parks. Thinking that maybe there is a volunteer opportunity here.

  • Good luck with your last idea, I hope it materialises for you. xx

  • Forgot to say I love baking and make delicious scones and Victoria sponges. I also have a go at making festive Scottish blackbun and suet dumpling at Christmas. Pickles and chutneys are tempting to make.


  • Hi Carole, Where do you live? I'd love to come to your house for tea and scones or a nice piece of cake. Mmmmmm my mouth is watering at the thought :-) June xx

  • I'm coming tooo hmmmm yummy!

  • I was a nurse and specialised in intensive care, anaesthetics, ophthalmology, health visiting and specialist smoking cessation nurse and copd project manager , all at Matron level. I also started working in a restaurant wrapping chocolate boxes at the age of 12. Then got moved into the main restaurant and made puddings, then became a waitress. Then I moved to wedding silver service . Then at 16 worked backstage looking after pop groups of the time and going out with some, I won't kiss and tell!, and also volunteering in an elderly care home to get into nursing. I remember studying my books whilst wrapping the chocolates for my O levels!

    Now I get bored at home, so do voluntary work when I am fit. nRAS being one and Attitude is Everything , which is a charity which helps disabled people have access to live music, I am a mystery shopper for them at concert halls and festivals and I help other disabled people with advice or how to cope at festivals such as Leeds/Reading, Glastonbury/t in the park and Newcastle venues.

    So what the mixed bunch of stuff qualifies me to do for our group, I don't know! Wish I could diehard massage though!

  • Well I already knew you worked in the NHS for many years, but I had no idea at what level. I have already seen on past blogs how useful your knowledge is to us all, particularly from drugs point of view. I bet you have some interesting memories stored away from your days working backstage with pop groups!! My son is head chef at Westminster private school in London, but he has cooked and looked after quite a few well known bands at music festivals etc, so he has some memories too. His favourite band was Status Quo, because they were really easy to please and grateful for everything he did for them.

    Nice to hear of your interest and the help you give to disabled people who like to go to music festivals and would need people like yourself to help make their experience more accessable and enjoyable. You have lots of life experiences and very Interesting to read about. June xx

  • Hi all as you know i used to be a stylist in my younger days everthing i know i learnt in the trade, i also colured hair and used to still cut and style and colour for my family and friends untill December of last year when i took really ill with the dreaded RA. My daughter has followed in my footsteps now so hoping she will take over now and do my hair too. lol. I have been a manager in retail looking after 3 stores and 20 staff in gift trinket and cards for every occassion. I then went to an adult learning centre and obtained My OCR in administration and worked in various admin posts one being for a company that sub contracted to birmingham city council where i trained in sage line 50. i did all the purchasing for the PYPE HAYES Bonfire even down to ordering and arranging the fencing to be delivered for the security and protection of the park i worked in accounts dealing with all the invoices, queires and purchasing sadly was made redundant when we lost the contract and another company took over, demanding job but loved it. Arranged all hospitality and Christmas parties for the 3 depots i looked after. I 've worked for the department of work and pensions on winter fuel payments in a temporary role for 12 months . i have also worked for a top letting company as senior Administrator managing the office and dealing with tenants and landlords, the move ins and all monies and drawing up all contracts. I recently worked for a window blind company helping people to choose their blinds and ordering and arranging delivery and installation of these and all fitter diaries. but had to give up due to my ill helath in december last year. Now i struggle to lift a kettle but if you ever need advice on anything i know more than happy to help. lena xxx

  • Oh Lena, you have been a busy busy person, reading your comment has made me feel like I've been busy working hard for the past 24hrs. But I know how it feels not to be able to lift a kettle, just lately. This disease is a real .......... for messing up people's lives. I've no idea how old you are, but I'll be 66 this year and I was diagnosed 2yrs ago and so I consider myself lucky not to have been struck down with it at a younger

    age :-)

    On a lighter note, I for one will know where to come if I need some hairdressing advice. Perhaps it's your turn to be pampered a bit by your daughter, lucky you :-) Thank you for the inspiration for this blog, take care. June x

  • hi june you are more than welcome , i am 49 i will be 50 this coming Novemeber. so i too have been lucky not to get this horrinble disease in my earlier years. I lived a very active life before RA swimming, jogging , tennis, walking, keepfit taking my grandchildren on various outings travelling etc. now i'm reduced to sitting at home at present and only just this last few days managed to get out for a few hours by car to my daughters thanks to the steroid injection i had on Tuesday. So i am feeling it very difficult to accept. But thank god for this site full of support and information and everyone is so kind i raise my glass to you all xxxxx

  • You are one. Talented lady.

  • What lot of interesting, committed and talented people there are on this site. I've enjoyed reading and answering most of your comments and it has kept me engrossed all the afternoon with my feet up!

    I've only touched on my own varied path through life so far, so I'll fill in some spaces.

    I started my working life working at Selfridges in the perfumery department during the 1960's when London was swinging. There were many benefits that went with it, like free haircuts in some of the top hairdressing salons, lots of parties and fun to be had! I really enjoyed the Mr Selfridge drama on t.v recently because his character is as near to the truth as it could get.

    I married a young man from the toy department and we had three children.

    Later on I worked for Age concern and ran a satalite centre for some years. At the beginning of the 1990's I began to be interested in natural products and it lead to my husband and I moving to Wales to take up a post of joint area managers for the whole of Wales for an American naural product company. That was a lovely but a very busy time in our lives. The welsh people took some winning over, being english, but eventually they took us to their hearts and we still have many friends there.

    Then after losing our eldest daughter with Leukaemia, a quiter way of life beckoned and I became a housekeeper for an interior designer in the village we still live in. June xx

  • wow !!!! some really interesting entries you have raised there june, but nice to read everyones experiences in life. well done, has kept me interested this aftenoon you certainly have lead an interesting life. sorry to hear bout your daughter that must be really hard to deal with my deepest sympathies. hugs lena xxxx :)

  • Thank you Lena, yes it was a very difficult time in our lives losing our Ellie. It took some time to get over it, but she would have been mortified if she knew I was in pieces, so that thought helped me to pull myself together and get on with life. Lol June x

  • What a wonderful thread, I dare not fill in my gaps to much in my earlier blog prior to changing my life almost twenty years ago now I was a bit of a SH.. I ran with notoriously bad people where we worked in the supply and demand business.

    This was not a proud or glamorous time for me and lasted for over a decade but I suppose I saw the light. I believe with all my being that people can change given the right set of circumstances and opportunity. I know many people now whom have which makes me very proud.

    I will not be judged on the past only on what I am now and what I will be

  • Rightfully so too. Everyone deserves a second chance.

    I have always believed that we cross paths with many fellow human beings during our lifetimes and we take something from each experience which helps to build the characters that we are. You had the strength to turn your life around and make something good of your life and that will give you empathy and understanding of others who go down the wrong path. My Mum was a wise old owl and I can hear her in myself as I'm writing this :-) Lol June x

  • i applaud you it takes a strong person to turn things around from a past they are not proud of . Its not what you were that counts now, its who you are today so well done you should be very proud of yourself. :) lena x

  • Thank you, my good thoughts are sent to you xx

  • Oops! I forgot to mention the most important bit for this site.....I volunteered and trained to deliver Challenging pain and Challenging you condition workshops for Arthritis Care.

    I stopped it when I moved away from the area for a year and haven't got round to taking it up again since returning to Devon. I really should, I met some great people along the way and volunteering really raised my self-esteem.

  • That sounds really interesting and important to people with RA. It's always good to mix with other people too, as you say. No doubt you'll get round to your volunteering roll again when it feels right for you, perhaps when spring finally shows it's face and the days are warmer :-) All the best, June xx

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