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So my Rheumy increased my Plaquenil 200mg to twice daily along with Meloxicam 15mg and hydrocodone for pain. I think I'm feeling better since I'm not in constant pain. The problem is when I go out with my family it it requires a lot of walking and/or pushing our double stroller ( for our 7mo old twins), I'm in horrible pain for at last 2-3 days afterwards. The pain is so bad I can hardly dress myself 😢. I used to be so active before I got pregnant with my twins and before my RA diagnosis. I just want to feel good again. I'm now plaqued with Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid arthritis and sometimes I have a hard time figuring out if it's a fibro flare or an RA flare.

Please tell me this will get better, my kids deserve a fun mom. Thank you for listening and caring.


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  • It sounds as if you are not under proper control yet. Depending when you increased your hydroxy as the increase will take a few weeks to make any difference it may be time for a chat with your rheumy helpline and to discuss other med options (although this may be limited unless your family is complete). Farm

  • I just saw my Rheumy last Wednesday, and I'm just really impatient 😕 I need to learn to give the meds time to work. We are definitely done having children, the twins made #4 and 5 😊 We've been greatly blessed


  • You have got your hands full with twins yet alone the other children to sort out as well (does not matter what age they are they still need/want something) - I have 4 (26, 24, 16 and 14) and a 6 month old grand daughter. The time waiting to drugs is work is very frustrating and the first one you try is not always the 'one'. Farm

  • It can seem an age before you notice improvements with some DMARDs & it's only recently you started HCQ & even more recently the dose being increased so I'm afraid it may take the same again or even a bit longer to really make a difference. Sorry, it's prob not what you need to hear right now but with everything crossed you'll get there.

    HCQ was my first DMARD back in 2008 but I was fortunate that the diagnostic clinic also prescribed 2 NSAIDs (1 to take daily & the other to take as needed but no more than 3 times a week) more importantly I was given a course of steroids which worked on the inflammation & pain pretty much straight away. Possibly something to question, if you could have a general steroid injection or short course of corticosteroids whilst waiting for the HCQ to build up in your system? It can't be easy coping with RD not yet brought under control & being a mum to littlies, I feel for you.

  • Hi Sorry to hear you are struggling with pain. I am on HCQ 400mg daily, it does unfortunately take a while to be effective .But it has helped. I also recently started on the biologic Cimxia ,which has made a huge difference.

    My GP prescribed Naproxen and a morphine patch prior to my starting a biologic and these do help ease it .The rheumatologist I see, is happy with this. I also had steroid injections which helped a great deal giving a couple of weeks complete freedom from pain.

    Perhaps you could see your GP and have a chat about effective pain relief.

    Best wishes

  • Can another family member or good friend come along sometimes to help.

    I also agree adding steroids to your meds for short time to help

    I 've tried methotrexate which caused bad damaging side effects plus 3 biologics.have been on steroids for 4 years plus sulfasalazine and Pregabalin

    I have just had hydroxy chloroquine added to other meds and now feeling a lot better.wish that had been given before others then wouldn't be on them all.next week I am going to try and slowly wean myself off the steroids

  • Hi Teresa,

    I was diagnosed RA in end Jun 2014. I was given steroid injection to start with. Then I was on methotrexate and prednisolone (steroid) for about 4 months. When the methotrexate started to work, I was told to slowly cut down and stop prednisolone. I was very lucky that I did not have any withdrawal symptoms at all.

    Do bear in mind that methotrexate take about 12 to 16 weeks to work, so you need to be a bit patient at the moment.

    Another 4 months down the road, I was given methotrexate and arava because my rhemathologist said that she wanted to speed up my improvement. With arava added, apparently methotrexate will work better and faster. I am still taking the 2 medications now. On top of that, I am taking also calcium, omega-3, osteocap, glucosamine with chondroitin.

    I am now in remission and I am almost back to my normal self now. Check me out from the link below and I hope that will reassure you of your future ahead. You will be fine if you work closely with your doctor and you will be able to enjoy the growing moment with your twins eventually.


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