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P.I.P. petition

Hi All,

I have started a petition on change.org to try to get minsters to look at PIP system again re the recent experience I have had of it and the horror stories I have seen and heard regarding it. If you would like to sign the link is below as it is not visible until it gets 5 signatures. Thank you and good luck to all P.I.P. claimants.



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Sorry, think this should be addressing the government, not NRAS, who have not got a good record in supporting us against detrimental changes to this system. If addressed to the government directly I will be happy to sign it and publicise it. M x


Hi M, I am a novice at this, first time for everything and all that. Wht I was hoping to do was to get NRAS users who are not happy with P.I.P. system to sign petition and I think if I get 100,000 signatures (tall order I know) it goes in front of parliament automatically. I will try to look into it further. Thank you x


I think you'll find that only applies if the petition is on the government website - petition.parliament.uk/ - not Change.org. And as hatshepsut has said, it needs to be addressed to the government and not NRAS.


Done 👍👍


Done and I've shared it with people. Fingers crossed xx


Done it! Fingers (carefully lol) crossed you get plenty of signatures


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