New P.I.P. Forms are misreading.

Please read the new forms correctly some answers are Yes, No, Sometimes If this is your first attempt please supply as much information re; your illness, Your Medication, and how you and your carer cope with day to day life use as much extra space as you need more is a lot better than not much at all. Contact your Advice or CAB office you Again P.I.P. want everything done a.s.a.p. don't let them hurry you but make sure you don't run out of time. Another thing that is confusing a lot off applicants are telling me that they don't have to fill them in as they were told years ago that this is a lifetime award, Then when they were sent out new application they just threw them in the Bin (Please Don't Do This) If you are still confused on this please call the number provided and they will tell you SO. Mines will take between 8-16 weeks to process or I will be called in for a on site interview or Medical. Thanks Mattcass.

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  • I had PIP reassessment this week I submitted application in September last year and was told after assessment would be another 8-12 weeks before I heard. So whole process will take some 6months!

  • Mine took a little over 8 months, that was first time applied for, not DLA renewal/replacement. Though mine was a little different as I was investigated to see if I was eligible before my application form was sent out because I'd been living abroad for 11 years. I had been back in the UK for a year when I first applied & received my form 4 months after requesting it, had my assessment 4 months later & learnt the result a little over a fortnight later.

  • Hi Matt, a question, if somebody has already got a lifetime award then why would they be sent applications? Myself and a few others on here who have PIP, have been awarded it for so many years and months and it says on the letter you get with your certificate that you will be contacted 14 weeks before the end of this time to see if you want to apply again, then yes I understand they would get applications to re-apply, and shouldnt throw them away, hope your well, I'm looking forward to meeting you at holyrood :)

  • Hi IainM, As far the system is reading everyone will receive a application form to fill in this is the Government way of saying you are not on DLA anymore you are on P.I.P. you will be surprised how easy it was years ago to get on DLA and this included whole families getting DLA for Asthma type issues they will catch a lot of people out for some reason or another. Looking forward to meeting you and others just hoping my health holds out and I am out of hospital. matt

  • Right okay I understand now, that people who had DLA have to re-apply, you never said that in the post header, plus I'm almost certain that it states it can take up to 26 weeks and not 16, plus Asthma can be very very debilitating, my young nephew is in and out of hospital for his all the time, sometimes for weeks in a really bad way so thats a bit unfair on asthma sufferers . I'm sorry Matt I'm not picking holes or having a go even though it may sound it , it's just that the info given out has to be right mate :) I hope you are feeling okay to attend and out of hospital

  • Lifetime or indefinite award DLA counts for nothing any more Iain I'm afraid. Even if PIP hadn't usurped it seems a new Government would have had the right (put simply) to move the goalposts. I think we've been fortunate in a way, in the past people have relied on the fact they have lifetime award, mortgage & bills etc & now have to reapply with no guarantee they'd be awarded anything. Very harsh. That said the likelihood is if someone has received DLA at indefinite they will receive PIP, just no guarantee it will be at the same level.

    I found this interesting reading Things may have changed since, this was written in 2013 but reassessment still stands as I understand it.

  • Hi Paula, I understand now what Matt was talking about, its just he didnt mention DLA in his original post so I was confused as to what he was talking about but it makes sense now. It makes sense to me for them to do it, because there are people, "bluffing their ticket", (as we would put it in the Army) getting what they shouldnt be getting and people not getting what they should, so for me it makes sense to do it in some respects, to round it off so to speak, although I think it still needs tweeked as some arent getting what they should and thats where in parts it fails, so it needs looked at, it is something I will be standing up for when I get to Holyrood to speak with them, up here the Scottish Parlient are now in charge of benefits due to extended devolution powers

  • Good for you, that's just where they need to hear it from, those who have been denied it for no good reason or those who just fall short on one or both components because they were misinterpreted if you get my meaning. I know that's not you Iain thankfully but sure there will be others there with their versions of the same complaint. The 20m distance rule isn't realistic, considering day to day, not all days are the same with us. We put our names on a petition & there's been no amendment. It would make a difference to me & how far I can walk "safely, to an acceptable standard, as often as you need to & in a reasonable time", no mention of surfaces, which can make such a difference, as part of the descriptor, I'm sure I'm not alone either. My assessor didn't take my additional notes or explanation into account & why I've asked for reconsideration. Grumpy now! :( :P

  • All your issues will get spoke about Paula, there are flaws in the system that need fixed, its also about disease awareness at msp level, they need to know how it affects people, that everyone is so different, as I'n not sure they know half of them, it really is a great oppertunity to go at them, to push for reform ect etc the 20 metre thing is a joke, it's a terrible marker, what if you can walk 25 metres?.. terrible terrible marker , hopefully we get through to them xx

  • Thanks Iain. I wrote quite a long answer & this is the 2nd attempt! For me it's not even about the extra benefit any more. You know I'm content that they considered, no, decided I am entitled to one component at enhanced rate with points over & the Decision Maker has misconstrued my additional notes on the form & explanation to the assessor. Even examples of how far I am able to walk & why. It's not just the 20m there it's back as well or continuing on to the car, public transport, seating within the parameters of thethe question. The assessor even agreed on the distance my h had measured so I knew which option to genuinely answer & the example given! I don't know if you're prepping at all Iain & you may even have come across this but it may prove useful to read to add weight to your argument It's a bit long but has some good previously voiced arguments. x ;)

  • I must apologize for singling out Asthma sufferer's this was not intentional should have just said there are a lot people out there who are making it harder for the real sufferer's to win against the system. In fact I should not post when I am in that much pain sorry again.matt

  • You are right 100% Matt there are people getting what they shouldnt, people look at us and say we shouldnt be getting it because we look ok,,but they dont see the struggle and the pain, but there are people also who dont get it and should and tbh thats where it fails, its ok if it works, example... its ok for me because I receive enhanced for both components, but there are friends on here who havent got what Ive got, and bloody well should have, so for me thats a failure of the system, so at this meeting in holyrood Im going at them head first to plead with them to fix this failed system

  • hi I have been advised that when my pip runs out 2017 I will probably be given a indefinite award so you must still be able to get one once you are on pip that's if they don't move the goal posts to suit them

  • Hi June I have been told when mine runs out in 2017 I have to re-apply and that it will almost certainly be an indefinate award if I am successful, to me thats ridiculous, why not just send someone out to my house and assess me?

  • one thing for sure this rd is not going to go away ,its been a long slog to get it ,I would rather have my health back

  • Me aswell, I would rather my health I think thats true for everyone, but you're right RD isn't going anywhere, so we keep on fighting together, until we defeat it, we have no other option :) get better soon

  • I was told 26 weeks waiting for my face 2 face appointment with Atos , 8 months on still no appointment ,DWP recieved my application 16th of may 2014 Atos recieved it from them 29th may 2014 nearly the end of january and still no appointment , i call them the reply i get is your still in the system we are waiting for a free appointment for you , i told them i have deteriorated 100% since i first applied all they said was keep the medical evidence , my form i sent in is so out of date now compared to what i was able to do but now can not

  • Patrice keep at them, an appointment will come and once you have had it, it wont be long until the decision, I was 4 weeks, hope you start feeling better soon

  • I needed to keep ringing them for my application form Patrice. I made notes each time - date, who I spoke to etc, always told I was in the system. DWP eveventually rang me to tell me it was in the post. Gather any new evidence since the copies of the ones you sent with your application form (letters or reports from your Rheumy, GP, OT or Physio), photocopy your latest repeat prescription if new meds have been added since too. Explain how things have changed to the assassessor when you do get your date. Mine was 8 months in all & I was investigated & cleared before they'd send my application form. It was 4 months from their receipt of my application form to my assessment. I did get my result quickly though, 15 days.

    I hope you have a positive result.

  • I was told in July 2013 that due to my present illnesses I would be in a support group for three years or switch over to P.I.P. what ever came first, Then I was informed in December 2014 that i was to complete the new P.I.P. application form by Jan 16th 2015 this is when it kicked in my postcode area and it would kick in between 12 to 16 weeks we will wait and see. matt

  • Thankyou for your comments , i will be calling them again tomorrow ,i am thinking of getting my MP involved 8 months is a rediculas amount of time to wait for an appointment ,yes i know some have proberly waited longer ,hope i get good news tomorrow

  • Thank you I've just got a new form was confused because I've been on it for 12months then get this in the post this morning now I understand why now x

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