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P.I.P and Disability Living Allowance

Hi, sorry but this has probably been asked before but I cant find the answers.

My wife has been on DLA for the past 20 odd years due to various health problems including Arthritis, in February this year she received a letyter from the DWP telling her she would be remaining on DLA "Indefinitely" despite having a letter for life issued in 1995.

The following Week she received a letter telling her she would have to submit the forms for Pip, and they would be sent out to her shortly, however in March she suffered 4 minor strokes and was rushed into hospital where they had to carryout an operation on her Chorotic? Artery as they discovered a blockage was causing the problem, 2 weeks later she arrived home obviously a lot worse for wear to be greeted to a letter from the DWP saying she had to return the completed forms within 7 days otherwise her DLA would be stopped however, no forms had arrived, we phoned and they did send them and they were returned immediately on April 25th.

A couple of weeks passed then a letter arrived saying they were sending someone for a face to face interview, they accepted the information given at the interview and submitted their report to the DWP in late May, Finally my wife received a letter last week stating they had awarded her 30 points (Much more than she had previously) so she was entitled to the higher rate of Pip Daily Living Allowance and the higher rate of Mobility, they said she would be entitled to it from 17th July and her DLA would be paid until 17th August when they make the first Pip payment paying 4 weeks in arrears,

However, what has got us baffled is this.

Under DLA she was being paid £120 pw plus £440 pm Mobility but under Pip they say it's £86 pw and £52 pw Mobility, so how does this work if she cannot receive DLA as pip replaces it? Because basically they have said she is needing more care now than before but going to get less money to manage on.

Obviously I'm concerned about her getting stressed over this as the doctors have told her Stress could bring on another stroke.

The letter she received from Pip mentions very little about her income just stating the weekly living allowance and mobility rate.

Please can someone shed some light onto this for us?

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Not sure I understand your amounts but the mobility component for PIP & DLA are the same high rate £57.45 week - enhanced rate care component 82.30 week the same for pip & highest rate DLA - middle rate which is standard pip are both the same £55.10

Your sums don't seem right nobody gets £120 a week care that seems to high. The lowest rate DLA for care is £21.80 middle rate 55.10 highest rate 82.30.

Have you got your weekly and monthly sums right?



All I can say is that twice a month (Fortnightly) they currently pay her £220 and once a month £440 give or take a few pence.

But with effect of 17th August they will pay monthly the £82.30 and £57.45 pw which totals £559 per month.

So currently she gets £880 per month which will drop to £559 per month going by the letter from DWP, despite needing more assistance and having higher points?

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No you have got it wrong DLA is paid 4 weekly not 2 weekly your are doubling up your figures your wife is getting more because you are getting £559 instead of 55.10 x 4 care = 220.50 and £57.45 x4 = £229.80 making £450.30 p month

now she will get £559 instead of £450.

Go to the pip and DLA website

Jen x


Thanks :-)


I think you are maybe confusing ESA (used to be known as Incapacity benefit for DLA) GOV.UK website gives all the rates for different benefits. If your wife has not been working it is possible she got ESA (or incapacity) as well as DLA and this will continue to be paid but yu will need to notify them of new status re PIP. Hope this helps

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Thanks, yes we have to notify Council once the Pip is started (17th July) as they wont entertain us until it actually starts, as they say there is currently no change to her circumstances.


I'm sorry to hear of your wife's illnesses & conditions, then to have strokes.... it must have been a difficult time for you both.

Working off that your wife was awarded highest care & higher mobility, I'm confused how you've arrived at the figures you've given. They're set out below

Under PIP

Enhanced Daily Living is £82.30 per week (£329.20 per month) &

Enhanced Mobility is £57.45 per week (£229.80 per month)

.... so that's a monthly total of £559.00.

Now, this is where I don't understand your figures

For adults DLA

Highest rate Care was £82.30 per week (£329.20 per month) &

Higher rate Mobility is £57.45 per week (£229.80 per month)

...... a monthly total of £559.00, as you see exactly the same as PIP.

Can you explain how you arrive at "Under DLA she was being paid £120 pw plus £440 pm Mobility"? What is the reason you say per week for one figure & monthly for the other, this may reveal the confusion.

Usually both DLA & PIP are paid monthly, in fact usually all benefits are except for ESA & Jobseeker's Allowance, they are both paid every two weeks. The other exception is Carer's Allowance, this is paid weekly in advance, or every 4 or 13 weeks.

The Government websites explaining awards for both DLA & PIP are here & here If it helps at all.

If you still can't make the figures fit I think you're best speaking with your local Welfare Benefits Advisor, your local council website will have contact details. They should also be able to advise if there are any other benefits or help you both could be entitled to, Carers or Attendance Allowance for example, that is if you (or your wife) is not in receipt of them of course.


All I can go by is what is paid into the bank each month, I don't know how it's calculated, but 2 consecutive weeks £220 is paid then the 3rd week is £440 the 4th week nothing so basically the large one covers 2 weeks, however, when I mentioned ESA to her as stated above she said that did ring a bell so as someone who never throws DWP letters away we will hunt through them for the exact payments she receives, thanks for all the replies it's starting to make sense now.


If there are two consecutive weeks payments & she says ESA rings a bell that would seem likely, that she's in receipt of ESA, entitlements can be found here But that doesn't account for the remainder does it? You need to be clear on all of the payments, we've worked out PIP is no more (or less) than when she was in receipt of DLA so that account for £559.00 at the most. If it's incorrect & she's been overpaid then the DWP are at liberty to request the overpayment back so, it's in your favour to work out what's being paid & for what. It's good you retain all the paperwork, you'll be busy tonight! Do let us know once you've worked it out.


You are confusing DLA with figures for ESA or another benefit that is employment related i guess. DLA is paid every 28 days as 1 combined payment for care and mobility, PIP is paid the same way every 28 days, the 14 day payment you are receiving is ESA or similar and is a seperate issue. I hope this helps solve the confusion. Kind regards, Leon.


Hya Dave. Do you get help with your rent? Maybe that's what you get every fortnight? Just an idea. X


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