Hi, I recently posted about my P.I.P. face to face assessment and the results. My family are so shocked and dismayed about the outcome and how unfairly they feel that I have been treated that they have started a petition on change.org to gain support for this and ask parliament to look at the way P.I.P. is being assessed. I hope it is ok to post this on here but it would be great if we could get enough signatures that parliament have to look again at this and hopefully in the future it will stop other genuinely disabled people having to go through this.

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  • Hi Kai, I will find out as my sister posted it and I cant see which one it is, my sisters name is Michelle Kidd if you can see a petition by her.

  • Hi Kai, I have found out until a petition has 5 signatures its not visible so I have started a new one and here is the link


  • There's someone on prime ministers questions today a bout this a lady had her car taken due to medical and surprisingly he was going to investigate

  • It looks like mine will be going too as had my reconsideration today but it could take up to 8 weeks for a decision on that and as not awarded enhanced rate mobility my motability car wil have to go back in four weeks (motability gave me a 3 week extension but sadly its not going to be long enough) I will loose my indendance and the money I paid for deposit for my car and to have parking sensors put on it as I cant turn my head. The system as it is needs to change as it is not working for the most vulnerable and most in need.

  • That's so unfair it could be worth seeing your mp as it's drawing attention in p M questions I understand that if you loose your car there is a £2000 grant available you could look into that ! They should let you keep your car until mandatory reconsideration is completed

  • Hi, I am going to write to MP but alreadt spoken to motability and as they have so many people in the same situation I cannot keep the car they have given me 21 days grace but the mandatory reconsideration could take 2 months so bye bye car and £900 deposit I paid for it and parking sensors put on it. Do you know where I can find any info on the grnt you mentioned?

    If you are interested I have started a petition on change.org re PIP system, link is below if you would like to sign and support it.7


  • Good for you and well done. Had my assessment at home 22 days ago and i asked my MP if there could be any justification for taking me off DLA to go through PIP assessment when i have an incurable disease because it seems pointless and has only served to terrify me. I have had a txt and a letter from DWP stating they have all the information they require and will let me know when they have made a decision. Good luck with PIP and ur campaign.

  • I'm now on 74th day since my pip assessment , not that I'm counting! Also had two texts and one letter telling me that they had everything they needed and would be in touch with a decision. What a joke the whole system is.I'm expecting to be turned down like I think a lot of people do as we know they don't see us as people just numbers.

    Take care and good luck everyone Linda

  • Oh Linda that is awful 10 weeks and 4 days!. I do hope you dont get refused but obviously i dont know the circumstances. Doubtless the criteria is much tighter for PIP and i was refused DLA twice but nothing they do seems to go on previous results. Keep us posted and i hope that brown envelope spells yes not the other word.


  • Thanks Leon, they did say it could be between 6to 10 weeks but I got my first text and letter the Thursday after my assessment so would have thought they knew by now what the decision is! I have had RA for 15 years and fibromyalgia since earlier this year. My main problem is pulmonary fibrosis in my lungs caused by rheumatoid nodules, and thats also incurable at the moment but not much research either as its quite rare.

    I was thinking of trying for esa but this as put me off a bit, which is annoying as I can't work since January this year and I've always worked like most people on these forum's. Will let you know when the dreaded envelope arrives.Linda

  • You cant allow a process to stop you claiming what you should be due Linda, if you meet the requirements for ESA get that application underway because from what i remember i think there is a maximum 3 months on retrospective claims but dont take that as fact. Also if your PIP goes through surely that medical evidence will support your ESA claim.They were supposed to be tying the two assessments together but i dont see that as obviously work requirements could be vastly different than what they check for PIP. I would cross my fingers for you if they still worked but im crossing a thumb half way over my first adjacent knuckle!.

  • Haha, that put a smile on my face and yes thanks for the push Leon,can't be any worse than PIP! I will ring tomorrow

  • Thats the way! Go get em. They need to learn not to mess with a 1960 kid. Great vintage!

  • Hi Lesley, good luck with PIP and definately put in for ESA as depending on your circumstances and what type of ESA you get it could entitle you to other help too.

  • I was turned down for PIP, I got 7 points. Very strange how I have had high care rate for the past 10 yrs, and now I cant get standard rate PIP. When I read the report ( a "nurse" did my assessment) he sits in an office 5 days a week..... His report was false, very opinionated, and very judgemental. I have appealed.

    I am awaiting outcome.

  • Fingers crossed for you, I am at reconsideration point so possibly a long wait ahead. I have started a petition on change.org to try to get minsters to look t PIP system again. The link is below if you would like to sign.


  • Good luck to you too Lesley, hope you get outcome soon. I have started a petition on change.org to try to get minsters to look at PIP system again. The link is below if you would like to sign.


  • Thank you, here is the link for petition if you would like to sign and good luck for your outcome.


  • As a balance apparently 58,000 people who were on DLA have either not claimed PIP or have lost at assessment and not appealed. I do know of 3 people who have lost cars and they walk the same to their own car as they did to their motability car and one of them has not been affected that badly as he still has his PAPER ROUND and NO sadly im not joking. Another was told they would have to move because the nearest parking was 75 metres away and she walked to her car with no aids and no help. So she moved and 4 weeks later they took away her car. I have no idea if she appealed or not.

    All of it makes you wonder what has happened in the past and what will happen now.

  • Interesting status Leonwp just shows the system needed to change. Still long way to go to get it right. I have seen it from both sides. As a PIP nurse assessor until March 2015 and now applying for myself. Also having to take my autistic son for Face to Face assessment tomorrow. His first as he has had DLA for 17 years and now moving to PIP

  • I know how you feel scottiedottie, I worked as a support mentor for people with various debilitating illnesses and learning difficulties. Its easy to go along and fight someone else's corner when you know its right and they struggle to get this across themselves. When it came to my assessment it was awful and I couldnt say everything I needed to.

    Good luck for tomorrow Linda

  • We went to age concern and they told us some facts just what you have been through and even now l need more help we are not going to bother

  • Makes my blood boil, people having to go through the assessments with all the stress and the reconsiderations and waiting and waiting. It was much quicker and fairer when the DWP did their own in- house assessments. Then the government decided to target the sick and disabled (as an easy way to save money, in my opinion)

    I know there will always be some who 'fiddle the system' but read it's actually very small percentage of the total number of claimants. Anyway, personally I would rather a few get something they weren't entitled to than for so many to be put through such stress and made to feel like a 'scrounger' as some elements of the press like to portray sick and disabled people.

    Not everyone has the wherewithal to appeal, physically or mentally, but good luck to everyone going through this and remember, you paid into the system when you were able.

    Sorry, got on my high horse a bit there but picking on 'easy targets' is very low (especially when some of the giant corporations don't even pay tax) but that's going a bit off topic.

  • I totally agree I have been made to feel like a liar as most of the things I said to the assessor (not medically trained as sge advised us) she commented on but said she felt I had no problems for example I have a benign essential tremor which affects my dexterity and the adviser said I had a slight shake that did not affect me as she saw me put a mint in my mouth.... what !!!! There were so many lies in my report I have had a call from a case manager today for a mandatory recon but despite this and the 26 specialist reports I sent in I am not hopeful of a change in the decision. I have had a lifetime DLA award for many years HR Mob low rate care and now seemingly overnight I am ok and can walk and do everyting for myself although I now have multiple associated coonditions on top of my RA. Its madness and as a former manager in DWP i can honestly say its going downhill fast.

  • I could be sticking my neck out here but a few weeks ago a MP spoke on this subject in the house and it came to light there's is no 20meter rule what is asked is can what distance you can stand or walk safely repeatedly in a timely manner as was stated by lord fraud !just food for thought if anyone knows the legal system on DWP

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