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So Sorry,Mattcass


I'm so sorry for not being in touch since Tony told you all I made it on to the active transplant list and want to thank everyone who replied to Tony, My Rhuematoid Arthritis is running havok with me constant flare ups and everytime you think the pain can't get any worse it does and it drags you down, But the minute it eases off I'm away to the Gym or walking, the only treatment is stepping up my Steroids but if I do that I have to come off the list as they don't normally accept anyone over 20mgs a day they have accepted i stay on 25mgs because anything less and I am totally crippled and no p/killers work, Mattcass

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It's a real problem for you. I can empathise a little as, in order to be considered for biologics, I would have to come on steroids. I've tried dropping them down, but life is too short to suffer like that for the required six months. So I will carry on with the steroids. But I don't have such a big thing to contemplate!


Oh Mattcass, you have so much to bear yet you pick yourself up and carry on. What an inspiration, you are.

What I've learned during my 7 years of RA is that it is about finding the right balance and it's a fine line, especially if you've got other health problems. Although it goes without saying that you are facing more than me.

I don't know how you feel about alternative and complimentary treatments, some of them need running by a doctor or nurse. However, I was more thinking of things like massage therapy or aromatherapy which serve to be nice and relaxing, if nothing else.

Take care.

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Thank You, I am seeing a Physiotherapist tomorrow who dabbles in mind over matter techniques or other alternatives nothing to loose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN,Matt

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Hi Matt, sorry the pain is still dragging on , just as much as a nagging missus eh !

lol kidding hope to see you both soon when my cousin eventually has this baby!

Good to hear your dulcet tones Mattcass 😎

Stay strong 💪🏻

Hi Mattcass, sorry to hear you are still in a lot of pain, I take 20mg of prednisolone and having 3 infusions the Rheumy wants to start reducing them, I am can't wait to come off the steroids the side effects are horrendous . Good luck tomorrow I hope it helps you, like you said nothing to loose everything to gain. :-)

Lovely to hear how you are going. Stay strong and know that we are all thinking of you

Hi Matt--- good luck 😊

Hi Matt,

Sorry things are so tough for you at the moment. Crashdoll has some good suggestions. It is always a difficult balance with the steroids. Hope you get sorted sooner rather than later.

best wishes

Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

Thanks Bev willing to try anything I said to Fran I would even smoke Cannibis it was that Bad Honest.Matt

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