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Pip assessment

I have just completed a survey on claiming pip and the assessment process. After the recent announcement from Amber Rudd about pensioners not having to reassessed, I will be a pensioner by the time my next assessment is due. Does anyone know if I will have to be reassessed, or does it only apply to people who were pensioners at the time of the announcement . ?

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Hi it is usually once you are retired saying that if you got a 10 year award you could be ok it is for 10 year awards and light t rieview although benefit and work says this is not new news and amber rudd pulling a flaker it was announced a good while ago and there would be a reiview around the 10 year it is still some good news though and things could change for the better a lt going on the now you may be lucky though . if you do get a reiview really leave no stones unturned as that could be your last and assessor will no this


As far as im aware that was a "suggestion" and politicians speak with "forked tongues".

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I agree


On each of the last three occasions that I have been re-assessed I have been told by the DWP that they will not need to assess me again for ten years. It's just something they like to say, it doesn't mean a thing, Perhaps they think it will make us feel better, or even, make them appear more human and likeable. Either way they really should save their breath.


Thank you for your comments


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