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I am assuming this is a flare?

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I have woken up this morning with pain in fingers,hands,wrists,elbows,shoulders,knees,ankles and feet. The only other time I felt like this was June 2010 when I was referred to the rheumatologist. I am on MTX, salazopyrin and plaquenil. Currently waiting for the nurse to ring about an appointment for methotrexate injections(have been waiting 8 weeks)

I have a feeling that stress is a contributory factor. I have my appointment with my manager and HR officer on Wednesday where we are discussing IHR and I am also expecting relatives down from Scotland so have been working on getting the house tidy and food sorted. On a positive note at least my eyes are clear(they have been for about 10 days now)

OH bought me an iPad last week so managing to type this with a stylus pen I bought to go with it, much easier than using fingers.

Lottie xx

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You could well be right about stress, it tends to make me worse. But I've found that 9 times out of 10 having a bad day doesn't lead to anything worse, and it's just a bad day and I'm ok again the next day so don't go into a full flare. But keep an eye on how you feel, and maybe even start a diary for a bit, as may be that your meds need tweaking so helps if you can be precise about what started when etc. I'm on the same meds as you, and my pattern has been to be ok for 6 months or so and then need a tweak to keep things controlled. Pollyx

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Thanks Polly,

I have been keeping a journal for a while now and I know it helps, good to look back on. I am awaiting methotrexate injections. Not really been told why though. I just had a letter from the rheumatologist after she had reviewed my notes. I have been waiting 8 weeks so far so hopefully it will be soon.

Lottie xx

Well done, now rest it's probably the stress and all the extra work, look after yourself. Carol

Poor you Lottie

It does sound like the worry has caused a flare. I hope your work meeting goes well. U know i have just been through it and its so stressful, but the proof is in the pudding as you will be able to show them the swelling or pain at the interview and will "remember" how bad it really feels, could you have gone to work today...doubt it. Also if your friends know about your RA they wont expect the house to be tidy and we all now put money in and go out for tea as it saves me a lot of hard work when my scottish relatives arrive.

Think of yourself, not the others!!!!!

I got an ipad but it ouldnt publish my blogs, has this changed now??

Lots of love hope it goes ok and let us know !!


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Thanks Allanah, have just sent you a message. I was typing it as you responded.

I manage ok publishing blogs with the ipad. He got it for me as I now have trouble holding books. I find it easier using a stylus pen with it.

My OH has been 'pushing ' me to get things done-he has been helping. Its hard sometimes to get him to understand the difficulties I have. The house has had a spring clean(it certainly needed it) .I still have a fish pie to make but will do that tomorrow and OH can do the stirring and pouring.

There is no way i could have gone to work today and although in my head I would like to be back there realistically i know it will never happen. I have a list of things to take in with me on Wednesday and last time I saw the occy health Dr I handed her a print out of a typical day.

Trying to rest at the moment but feeling guilty. Hubby is outside having cut up old tyres and is trying to make a sculpture of the Loch Ness monster as a welcome to the visitors.

Lottie xx

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Hello Lottie,

I hope you feel better soon. It is very hard to rest when someone else is around working isn't it? You are doing the right thing though and thank you for the lovely image of the Loch Ness monster in your garden.

Enjoy your visitors but try to balance your needs with theirs. They will understand if you can't do the things you would normally want to do for them. I have found that friends and family are quite relieved when I ask them to help as they can't stand watching me struggle. It's hard at first but then becomes quite companionable as they rummage through your kitchen cupboards to find the coffee.

I hope everything goes as you are hoping for on the work front also.

Take care

Judy xx

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Thanks Judy,

Not quite so bad today although my right eye has decided to play up too. I know my aunt will help as she is so like me and when we went up to her we made things easier for her by taking her out. Xx

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cathie in reply to thekeys46

So what stylus pen do you use? I'm writing this with my iPad! Fish pie sounds wonderful, I cheat with ready made tubs of cheese sauce and that saves a few steps. Hope the visit goes well and that they're supportive of you!


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I bought myself a cover for the ipad( lovely leopard print) and it came with a free stylus pen. I wasn't sure about it at first but now think its brill, it's just a case of moving the hand about rather than the wrist and fingers.

The fish pie is delicious, I had the recipe from an old magazine and tried it out a couple of weeks ago.

The visitors are my dads half sister and her sons and daughter in law. I managed to trace her last year only to find out that she had been looking for her 'sibling ' for years. She found out after her father died that he had 'fathered a child 75 years ago but she didn't know if it was a boy or girl. My dad passed 20 years ago and had no interest in finding out about his father who had been 'sent away' before he was born. When I met my aunt it was like looking at myself and her oldest son has so many of my dads mannerisms. My brother is over from new York in a few days so they have come down to meet him and the rest of my family. We have arranged a few meals out but I have always enjoyed entertaining and like to have everything just right. I know my aunt will just muck in and I expect the others will too-if they are anything like me.

Lottie xx

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cathie in reply to thekeys46

What a wonderful story, I hope you have a great time. Sincewemoved to Scotland I've been planning to check up on a great aunt who lived in Motherwell and had the same name as me.

stress is bad for it you tend to get more aches and pains

i also find taking bruffen makes me bad to

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