I am too young to feel this old

I hurt. Knees, hands, wrists, elbows, ankles and feet. Whose ruddy Idea was this, anyway? About a month to go until my next rheumy appointment, and my gp gave me a prescription for Emtec to tide me over till then. I'm good when the weather is stable, but I live near a very large lake, so weather isn't often stable for long. It gets hard to tell whether I'm tired from the RA or just tired OF it. I called the rheumy's office yesterday, just frankly frantic for some kind of relief. Her nurse asked if my joints were swollen and red, but they're more swollen and sort of bruise-coloured.I keep hoping there's been some terrible mistake and I'm not really feeling how I feel. Yup, it sounds a little crazy.

Deep breath, big sigh, pet the cat, get on with the day.


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  • Oh Bat you are in a bad way. I hope the Emtec has some effect soon & gets that inflammation down in the meantime. Being near a lake must just be lovely but it won't help your joints I wouldn't have thought..... damp & humidity are killers for me even though reasonably well controlled. I live by the sea so can somewhat empathise!! x ;)

  • It is a lovely lake, but because we're in a very long valley of low mountains, the weather can change on a dime. It'll be better once we get into summer, I think. I live in one of the warmest places in Canada, and despite the lake it's semi-arid, and there's a little bit of real desert to the south. The Emtec helps quite a lot with the pain, and I'm in much better spirits today.

  • I'm pleased to hear that Bat, it can change from day to day & you've your fair share of other problems to contend with too haven't you.

    On one of our earlier trips through Spain we stayed in San Sebastian in the north in June & were bemused by people walking around in shorts & packamacs. We soon found out why! I looked out of our hotel room window & it was such a lovely view I decided to take a pic & whilst getting the camara the cloud had completely covered the view. This was in the least rainy month! The bars would empty or fill depending on the weather!

  • hehe, it's like that here, too :) come summer the changes are less frequent, but more dramatic. Nothing like watching a silver sheet of rain travel up the lake, and still be getting a sunburn!

  • Hugs from me as i know about pain as i am suffering myself today. XXXX

  • gentle hugs and a kiss from Canada XX

  • I know exactly how you feel. I wake up each morning and feel "what hurts today? I feel like 85 not 45. I want to work but some days I cannot even get out of bed.

    Head down,keep going.smile.


  • I'm 45 as well, and my 80 year old Mom still chops her own firewood! I ummmmm get dressed. Most days. *wry grin*

  • Oh I feel for you, you are having a rough time. But just keep looking forward. The meds will work and you will feel less tired. Thinking of you xxx

  • Thanks allanah, I have less than a month till my next rheumy appointment, which will be 6 months of mtx. If this one doesn't do the trick, I feel confident that she will try to figure out what does. xxx

  • I'm going back on mtx as well as leflunomide and swapping to Ritiximab infusions

  • Poor you. Sea-air does me a power of good, but lakes have an adverse effect, especially during midge season

    I know what you mean about fatigue. I often ask myself: is it the RA, the medication or just ME. I never come up with the definitive answer. I suspect it's a combination of tbe three.

    Take care, Jora x

  • I expect you're right about it being a combination. Having the painkillers work so well has been a blessed relief in more than one way, though. I still feel some pain and a lot of stiffness even with the edge taken off, and it's letting me trust myself about how I feel. Thanks for the response xx

  • I'm good when the weather is stable, sounds like you might be lacking in vitamin D3 Azabat ? Are you on any D3 ? (D3 is the sunshine vitamin)

  • I have been, but I've forgotten the last week or so. I'll put up a reminder for myself, thanks. The weather is enormously variable here, but there's been a lot more sun over the last little while.

  • The weather affecting you might be a sign of vitamin D deficiency, (not saying it is though Azabat.)

    If I forget to take my 5000iu D3, I soon know it, I seize up and feel old again. :)

    www.vitamindcouncil for up to date doses.

  • Thanks Walker, that was most informative. I'll up my supplement some. I live near the border of the U.S. but also in a valley, so daylight is definitely more limited. I also have very fair skin, so sunscreen is pretty much essential.

  • I too wore sunscreen, factor 50 due to skin (pre) cancers removed and was told by medics to stay out of the sun, so I kept the sun away from my skin, but by doing so my later blood test showed I was 'Vitamin D Deficient', so by curing one illness I created another :O ;)

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