Gratuitous poetry: Getting Better

Sick is me plastered on the bed

Like some impressionist's work in phlegm.

It's me coughing till the ghost of the lunch I couldn't eat

returns to haunt me all the same.

It's weakness and frailty and fear of drowning,

Listening to the bubbles in my chest.

Better is more complicated,

Quieter and less dramatic;

the last antibiotic,

the first real walk.

The fear has not disappeared,

but it's farther away.

Better is cleaning the sheets,

It's me reclaiming a kitchen lost to neglect,

though Sick still haunts the ragged edges of my breathing.

Mostly, however,

and particularly today,

Better is eating cherries,

fresh and dark and sweet as victory,

And planning my next cup of tea.

And from this you can gather that my pneumonia is being beaten back, so I'll soon be on my RA meds again (calling the rheumy today). This is the first poem that has knocked on my door for a while, so I thought I'd share :) xxx


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  • And a very good one it is too!

    Did you ever know the chant:

    Good, Better, Best.

    Never let it rest,

    Until your Good is Better

    And your Better Best.

    I probably learned it when I struggled with Maths at school. It didn't work fir me. I could remember the chant but bit the theorem !

    Nightie noon



  • hahahaha, no I don't think we learned that one. Maybe we were supposed to, but math was never my strong point. Except geometry. I loved geometry, don't know why.

    noonie night xx


  • Glad you're on the mend. Sending you lotsa healing hugs 🌸🌸🌸🌸

  • Fab poem batty glad to read you are improving. Those cherries to sound good one of my favourites. Sending healing hugs and love Kiki D X X X

  • Hi Azabat, glad to hear your on the mend,I've had pneumonia twice,it's a wonder were still here what with everything else.The cherries sound yummy, think I'll get some myself.Im just waiting to go on strong antibiotics, as found pneumonia type bug lurking in my lungs,don't want it again,knocks you sideways, anyway, rest up and keep writing the poems. X

  • If your writing then you are defiantly on the mend, well done you. X

  • Wow! Great poem. Glad you are starting to feel better. x

  • Great poem, even better that you have beaten the dreaded lurgie!! Hope you continue to improve, M xx😊

  • Loving hearing your 'well' voice again and reading your poetry 😎

    May it last long


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