The Small Hours (gratuitous poetry)

The Small Hours (gratuitous poetry)

Long ago my mother sang of Winken, Blinken, and Nod,

That was the shape of the small hours between midnight and dawn,

Me, off fishing for stars and dreams and sleep,

Content to have it so, small hours in my pocket.

Now the small hours have grown teeth and savagery,

They stalk me in the shallow murk of pain.

I do not float or fly or swim, only flee and stumble and fall.

I miss the little hours, the wee tender things,

I miss moonpaths and dreamflights and rest,

Oh how dearly I miss rest.

But more than anything I miss the certainty

That I will acquire peace,

Rocked in the moments of every smallest hour,

Small as a second myself.

Bats, after another sleepless night, too.

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  • Long night, huh? Well done using the time being constructively creative. I wish I was more like minded - I'm sitting here awake, just cursing the World and all who sails in her!!

  • I am pretty tired of 3 am :P Writing poetry gives me a chance to curse eloquently and at length, usually without actually cussing. Clever, no? Hugs for you if you want 'em

  • Thank you - I'd find it hard to give up the cussing!

  • Small thought, Marie. Do you think there is Late Onset Tourette's? 'Coz I reckon I got it



  • I reckon so jan- I know for certain the words

    "f---- this" continually , reapeatadly and unpredictably, pop out of my mouth when frustrated by pain and the impact of it!!!

    Hope you're well today.


  • Never knew I knew words like the ones that occur only too often. I should be ashamed.

    Like everyone else I'm staggering on and doing my best and praying for better weather. I hope you are doing ok and start feeling better very soon.

    Big hugs


  • That's all we can do I think- stagger on and hope

    For better things. Yes, there are times when it feels

    Like another tomorrow is the last Thing we need, another tomorrow filled with pain and despondency. I know I have many of those tomorrows ahead but I just refuse to lay down to them. Hard as it is, and it can be incredibly hard, I choose to remain as positive as I can .

    I've lots to be grateful about and the one thing about tomorrow's is they always pass.

    Onwards and upwards. Take care


  • Oh my darling two things first off i am so happy your still here with us and i have missed you. Second lovely poem darling.xxxxx

  • Lovely lyrical poem, Azabat. I just knew there had to be an up side to this nasty disease.


  • 😎 good to hear you eloquent cussing on our airwaves once again even if it has cost you a night's sleep.


  • Wee hours for me too, Azabat, so reading your poem was particularly appropriate.

    But the best part was hearing from you again! :-)

    Good night.

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