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Doing Better

Notice I say doing better as that's really what its been, I m early into this disease really and realise how at times it can lead you into a false sense of security. In some kind of naive state I thought ok things are getting better then wham I get hit with two flare ups one almost straight after the other.

It's as though its saying NO your not:-) I suppose if any thing my character is remaining strong and optimistic but by hell it takes some going at times. Just feel like staying in bed and hybernating it's been so bloody painful. The wife has been marvellousness recently and is really starting to understand, can't say the same for work sadly.

Another night of being up most of it, not being able to get into a decent

Position even my chair felt uncomfortable.

Well off to hospital today got meeting on how to inject myself so let's see how that goes and Physio but not sure about the latter at present as my whole body is just coming out of a few rounds with Mike Tyson, just reading people's blogs and questions helps know I'm not on my own

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Hi there :-) Sorry to hear you're going through it at the mo. I can relate to the hybernating, it can be horrid at times. Good luck at the hospital. x

Hey if you're ever up in the night, and want to chat, I'll prob be here :-) living in Aus means I'm 11hrs ahead of you all, it's 5.30pm here.

Love Janet xx


This disease is no joke is it,but your in the right hands with the team you have looking after you. It is a strange disease isn't as you can be well one day and writhing in agony the next. Injecting yourselve is easy unless your squeamish. When i was on them i found it very easy to do.

I hope you will soon start to fel brighter than you are now. xxx


Hope it goes ok.. tis is as Sylvi says a v cunning disease goes quite quiet sometimes then rears itsugly head


Thanks hor comments not squeamish but some reservation about being on it here's the but I know I need to be


Good luck for today. I'll be thinking of you.


Totally sympathise with you, it's like entering a different world. Bit by bit, hospital appointment after hospital appointment things do get better. You will find the best way to get comfy but I'm thinking that you need some help in relaxing. Years ago a friend of mine gave me the best relaxant I have ever had. Slow deep breathing, inhale to the count of four, hold your breath to the count of four and then exhale, slowly to the count of four. Ask loads of questions at your hospital appointments. Check out complimentary therapies, they may not cure you but they do help to keep cool, calm and collected.


Oh I sympathise too. have had two bad nights with pain, just wiped out and weepy at the moment. Good luck with injecting yourself - I am a bit squeamish but have heard that its not as bad as you think! Physio sometimes can cause pain but in the end is very helpful. I was having a flare up once so the dr. said not to do the physio until I felt better as I was concerned that i would feel worse and start crying.

DandyLad's idea does work - I have done the deep breathing exercises when i felt stressed. Try to sit (or lie down) quietly, no sound on anywhere around you, close your eyes and do the breathing and picture something you find restful and pleasant (a tropical beach, a wild flower meadow in sunshine?)

Good luck with it and remember, you are not alone!



Hope it all went well with the injections.




Thank you all, the Physio was very accommodating and just had a chat as could see I was not up to it today. Rheumy nurse went through everything with me reducing my anxieties. Discussed what was going on recently and thinks it may be a gastro type bug made worse by a flare. I did inject with saline today as a practice and all went well.

Will do it when feeling calm and relaxed on my own, breathing slow and deep did help. Pain has reduced over last four to five days to more managible state.

Hope I get at least a few hours sleep tonight :-)


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