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Getting better


Hello everyone. Once again it has been a while and i felt the need to update you guys on how i am doing and whaat is going on with me at the moment.

I’m sure you all know i dropped out of school in 2017 and i am happy to say I’m going back to school finally. Well not exactly. I am getting my GED, which if you do not know is an equivalent to a high school diploma, this will allow me to get a job and go too college.

After i get my GED i will be going to cosmetology school and will get a job at a hair salon at the same time as going to school. I have made this decision because of my love of doing make-up and hair (especially coloring my hair).

Also big news is i will be seeing a new doctor to get me on a new pain medication so i can get back to daily life and feel better again. I know i was only on the previous medication for a week but i seriously became addicted to the feeling of having energy and being pain free and it had really broken my heart when all those terrible symptoms had shown up.

Linked to the pain medication news in a way I’d i have started yoga. I currently only do yoga for five minutes before bed time but it has actually made a big difference in my life so far, i have been sleeping better and when i wake up I’m not in as much pain as before I started yoga and i am excited to find a basics class in town to really get me started and going strong to make this a big part of my life.

I may be getting a puppy on my own soon! Depending on how i do with keeping my room clean that it. I’m currently in the process of remodeling so i have to keep it as clean as possible anyways but the motivation of maybe getting a puppy of my own to nurture and teach and care for is definitely way more motivating. I’m not sure if i told this story but five years ago i asked for a puppy for my birthday and i actually thought i was gonna get one because my mom was talking about a puppy she was getting but turned out it wasn’t for me... it was for her. The day after my birthday party (which was Easter themed because my birthday was on Easter that year) we went to go pick her up and that was when i found out she wasn’t mine. And we already had a dog so now i knew I couldn’t get on for me because my parents already felt two Dogs was too much. So i waited these last five years secretly wanting a puppy over anything else and my dog that we had for seven years now recently died and now i actually literally crave a dog because i miss her so much and i feel empty not having two dogs. My dream dog is definitely a pug, but i also really really want a husky, golden retriever, or a German Shepard. And i swear to god when i move out i will have all of them the very second i can have them.

I feel i have to fill you in on the dog dying and the emptiness i just mentioned now. The dog that died has been here for as long as i can remember and the fact that i have poor short term memory actually supports that. She died choking on her food and my parents didn’t realize because they were going outside to smoke and she did the same noise she was doing a lot to get attention, ill be honest she really didn’t get much because the other dogs breed calls for constant attention. But anyways she was my literal best friend seeing as I don’t have any in person friends anymore and my bestie that lives across the country just got a job is hardly free to talk anymore so I’ve just been really lonely and super depressed.

And my last update is that i now have a Bluetooth keyboard to help me type and that’s actually how i wrote this message. Honestly it has been a heavenly item to have considering ill have to write essays in a few days as i start my GED course and also for the little books i like to write on the side.

I hope you all are doing well and i would love to hear how your lives are going lately. I really miss you guys when I’m not on and i hope you are doing well.


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Oh my darling what a uplifting post and i am so glad you are on the way up and i hope this new dr will help you with your pain. Good luck with school and in getting your diploma.xxxx

Ccrowlu in reply to sylvi

Thank you. I can’t wait to start my classes.


Good on you! Sounds as if you have a real opportunity for a new beginning.


Well Hello Stranger 👋

Good to hear from you. So glad things are on the up & you have a future to look forward too. Yoga is probably the best for you to start off with, try & keep it up, but know your limits, which I'm sure you do.

Ruth 😉

Ccrowlu in reply to Hidden

Thank you

Loosing a much loved pet is heart breaking so I do sypmathise. But your on the up and I hope your dreams and spririt will drive you on to acheive all you want in life. `it won't be easy but take each day as it happens and stay posative. x

Lovely to hear from you and your plans for the future. You are taking control and I really hope you achieve all your goals. Best wishes. X

Hiya Cortney! Lovely to hear your news & trust the new doctor finds the right pain med for you. Seems you've been planning plenty which is a good sign of a positive future & feeling happier with how things are. I wish you lots of luck achieving your necessary certificate & further college education & hope you're dreams of a position in a salon are realised.

On a sad note I'm sorry you've lost your dog, they leave such a hole when they leave us & only 7 years old, such sad circumstances too. I hope when you do find one to care for yourself it's the perfect choice. Of the ones you mention I only know personally of German Shepherds. One camped in the lane outside our gates for a day in the pouring rain & after many tries tempting her with small tidbits I managed to coax her onto the front veranda. I guess she'd smelled our two & thought she may find us a soft touch as she was so thin & had a chain round her neck which she allowed us to cut off once she felt trusting. It was so tight it was digging into her skin, we think maybe she was a guard dog somewhere & she'd managed to escape... or someone let her go. When we had her checked over by the vet & booked in to be spayed we discovered she had cutaneous leishmaniasis, fortunately not seriously affected, limited to fur loss on her elbows & scaly skin which responded well to meds & ointment. Anyway, she was the sweetest girl, certainly no guard dog which sort of confirmed our suspicions & possibly let go. We brought her back to the UK along with our other two & we only lost her a couple of years ago, she lived to a good age.

All the very best for your course & keep us updated from time to time when you're able, seems you'll be very busy soon! x

Ccrowlu in reply to nomoreheels

Thank you for your kind words and support. She sounds like she was a lovely dog that went through a lot. I’m glad she was able to live happily after you found her and that she got to live her life properly. And thank you for sharing her story with me. I hope the dog I find will be perfect for me. Of course I have to choose a small dog because I still live in a camper but one day I will have my fair share of different sized dogs lol. I hope you are doing well these days and I will definitely keep you guys posted on my progress.

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