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Shameless poetry

I hope it's okay for me to share my poetry here. Please tell me to stop if it's the meantime


When did my body declare war,

Do you think?

Perhaps the exploding brain

Was my warning shot,

My not-too-gentle suggestion

That hostilities had commenced.

But now the shots come quicker,

And some fierce resistance groups,

Some terrorist cells in my body,

Have decided to break my bones.

I feel the fires in fingers and knees,

The searing catch-and-crackle

Of blazes ruinous and enduring,

Like coal-fires burning underground,

Or the deep tides of forests alight.

I feel it there in my bones,

But it is my spirit that wavers.

How much can one heart do,

I wonder,

How many wars

Can one fight?

-M Statham 2015

I am striving for acceptance as much as anything, I think. But I'd really settle for giving the Weevil a serious kicking.

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On the contrary, you're gifted so please do share. I'm sure many here will relate to your words, so succinct. So descriptive I think it would maybe help those who don't have the disease, thinking those closest to us who have problems understanding how RD feels for us sometimes. Many do well on our mix of meds but others who are struggling just now who will get it I would think. One thing's for sure we've all been there to a greater or lesser degree. :)


Great description ! X

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Wonderful description of the body at war with itself. Very powerful. More please!

M x

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So powerful so true well , I think that's how most of us feel !!

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Wow azabat! Thanks for sharing and like nmh says don't think we would think it's not appropriate on here. It's very appropriate.

I don't think acceptance will come until you are under control. And then ???? I'm 21 years in and really got the hang of it now. How's the weather where you are right now? I'm guessing very very cold?

KiKi x


I've just noticed is in the uk didn't get much sleep last night!


Thank you so much for sharing that. Excellent!


you have really touch my heart with your poem it is a true reflection on they way it feels with this condition thank you for sharing.


I really enjoyed reading your poem. You certainly are talented. Would love to read some more.x


Brilliant x


I'm all for shameless poetry - an excellent piece Azabat.

Maybe NRAS could collect some creative works from members and use them for promotional materials... Some of the photos posted on here would collectively make an excellent calendar :)



Great idea Ali!


Well said Azabat, felt every line..... more please.


Fantastic, give us more please.

I cant write poetry for toffee, its a real gift


What a gift you have. Please share more of it with us.


Yow! I'm blushing so hard it feels like sunburn. Thanks, and there will be more :D


Amazingly true description, well done x


Fantastic poem, absolutely spot on. Needs to be published in the NRAS magazine, it would help everyone.


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