PIP application was declined and going to tribunal

I went for an assesment months ago and at the assesment the assesor seemed to focus on how I felt that day. I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis over a year ago and as anyone who has had the misfortune of suffering from it things change from day to day. At the time I was just comkng off Prednisone which wzs great for controlling pain but caused major side effects. Am now on methotrexate. I get the impression going to work is counting against me (it seemed as if the assesor was of the opinion if you working it cant be that bad). I want to go part time if i get any worse but I cant afford the drop the income unless I get PIP. I asked for a reconsideration and that too was denied months back. I have appealed that and CAB now on board and we go to tribunal in June. Any pointers please

Secondly i was wondering are there any types of financial asssistance for people in work like myself. Due to expenses like taxis not being able to drive I am now very stretched financially. Are there any charities or anybody one can turn to in desperation


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  • I think the PIP is the extra financial assistance you need. I don't have it and it seems like all the extra help like free bus passes, blue badges, taxis for hospital etc. are dependant on you getting PIP, in particular the upper level of the mobility part. I can't afford taxis, I have to hobble into town to the bus station, it shatters me for the rest of the day. xx

  • I was able to apply for a Blue Badge Dogrose in spite of not receiving the Mobilty component. I think much depends on your local Council. I didn't hold out much hope as I was aware our Borough Council were oversubscribed & was very pleased when I got one. It might be worth you trying if you or your partner have a car (or whoever drives you around if you don't drive) & think a Blue Badge would be helpful.

  • Hello...Please don't let the fact that you work bring you down as the extra money you will hopefully receive from PIP will help you to stay in work...my job actually keeps me going and something to get up for even though some days it's hard!! Have you heard of Access to Work they may be able to help you, I've posted the link below. Good luck with your tribunal and I hope you get your award. 😊


  • A www I'm really sorry to hear that u got turned down 😞that's rotten news I had my assessment yesterday was dreading it but found it ok took 40 mins I have my car on Motobility but if I don't get my pip enhanced mob I will lose my car I cannot travel on public transport as can't climb onto buses I'll keep my fingers crossed for u with the appeal x

  • Have you asked the driver to lower the bus? I request that he does this if they have not, although when they see a person using an aid they should lower it automatically, then you just do a normal step on.

  • Never bothered to ask as they look at u like ur something alien x

  • I'm so sorry to hear this. I really hope you're successful at your tribunal. I was talking to my GP about this on Monday & she's said there are a few patients in our Practice who have either been refused or like me unfairly not been awarded one part of the component, decision was upheld so gone on to tribunal & won so hopefully that will be the case for you.

  • Get in quick with Access to Work, before they get rid of it. You should be able to google how to get in touch. They are there specifically to provide practical assistance to keep people in work, so if you can't get to work unless you use taxis, they should be able to help with the costs of that. I've found them really good in the past, but it looks like our new government is going to be cutting out the A2W service at some point, so best to get on their books as soon as possible.

  • I was the same I got low rate care and nothing else and every reason was. She doesn't have issues with. Mobility as she continues to work. . She has adequate communication skills as she continues to work. . You get the picture. Since my assessment I have gone from 33 hrs to 27 and now I ve applied to drop to 18 so I am going to appeal but that in itself is a big stress xx

  • Have a look on the Benefits and Work website

  • Hiya sorry to hear you are going through all of this and I'm sorry because I am going through exactly the same! It really is exhausting and very stressful. Like you I had my interview and that day was in so much pain with my neck the assessor could see I was genuinely struggling , I filled in the app etc and absolutely know I answered questions virtually the same as others I know who have been awarded without even an appeal?! Good luck to them and I'm not bitter at that but how can this be ? I've also appealed turned down and am also facing tribunal. This whole process is over a year now too grhhhh ... I had to leave a my full time job in a school and had 6 months off I didn't and never have claimed benefits and have always worked. I made the effort and have gone back to work part time and work only 11 hours a week as that's all I can manage. I am on methotrexate and a biologic as my RA is aggressive and rely very much on my hubby and 2 kids ( which I shouldn't have to do) it upsets me. So , there you go how can it be eh and I've never aimed or expected to be awarded anything apart from the low rate I can only think it must be somthing to do with post code lottery. I really wish you good luck with your claim please keep me updated - thinking of you Claire x

  • I work full time as well and could really do with cutting my hours due to pain and trouble walking and with stairs, but PIP is really for those who really can't manage. If your symptoms get worse and you actually physically can't work full time you could always apply again. I couldn't get my blue badge renewed either as I managed to walk to the end of their building with my stick! It doesn't count in your favour that you need wider spaces to get in and out of vehicles!

  • Do you not think you're one of those who can't really manage benjijen, sounds to me you are?! You want to cut your hours, that would indicate you're not managing to me & if you are able to your income will be less, please do consider applying. As the GOV.UK website says PIP is "for people with a long-term health condition or disability", we have both so any one of us here in effect are entitled to apply. Worth a thought especially if you do reduce your hours.

  • I reduced my hours to 35 per week a couple of years ago. I've never claimed benefits and am now 61 and to do so would be very difficult for me. I bought up my children alone without benefits (except family allowance of course) or maintenance from my ex so to ask anyone for anything is not easy as I feel it would affect my self respect. I realize there may come a time when I have no choice but would rather let things slide at home than not work. What would I do all day? I'm not able to carry out all the cleaning, gardening and house maintenance I used to. I'm hoping my Rheumy will put me back on biologics in June (I had to come off Humira which was really helping me) so I can keep the status quo for the time being. Here's hoping!!

  • I understand, you know what's right for you. I hope you can reduce your hours without it affecting you too much & your Rheumy thinks that a return to biologics is the better option & make the difference for you, fingers crossed.

    I don't want you to think I'm harping on about PIP but it could to towards paying for help for the things you can't do at home, only a thought.

    Take care. x

  • Thank you. I do have a big problem with asking for help be it finances or otherwise!

  • None of us like to I don't think, well maybe a certain portion of society but we're not them are we?! I do understand honestly, we're the same it's just if there's some help & you qualify it can be a great help I've found, most of my ironing is done for me now & it's a joy! Oh & my Blue Badge, trouble is my h wants me to go everywhere with him! x

  • I think we should all occupy the department which oversees this payment and show them exactly what it is like dealing with this disease by spending a week with us! Who is in?

  • Thamk you all for the support. Now I am wondering are there anynpeople you know off who have been awarded PIP?

    @ claieryj I too was on mthotrexate till yesterday whne the consultant advised me to stop taking it as I have hadbno beneft from it unfortunately

  • I was awarded PIP at the beginning of the year - enhanced daily living but was short on points for mobility so wasn't awarded that component. I'm considering informing the DWP of a change of circumstances as I now have written medical evidence to confirm my additional notes & the reasons why I ticked the boxes which related to me.

  • i went through the same as you and had to go to appeal I told them at dwp that since my medical my condition had got worse the hospital and doctor confirmed this and was awarded pip 2 weeks before court date it was very stressful but friends on here said keep going so I did, good luck

  • After much thought I decided to go the Tribunal. I looked up all the questions you should be asked and awarded points to myself in each category. I sent a letter to the DWP detailing how each question applied to me and what points I felt that I should have been awarded. I went to my Tribunal yesterday and they appeared to be quite impressed on how I scored myself. They will ask you detailed questions about how you arrived at your points total so you have to be truthful with yourself when awarding the points. I had just enough points to be awarded standard DLA.

  • I have both RA and OA and was told I had to attend an assessment which required 3 buses and a lot of walking, a total journey of over 2 1/2 hours each way, plus the time it would take for the assessment itself. Having explained it was not safe for me to do so, ATOS said they would request a home visit. The very next day I had another assessment letter with a different centre, no home visit. When I told ATOS I could not attend this centre either, all they did was inform the DWP and they immediately stopped my PIP allowance!

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