Hello....... I know its been a while!

Hello everyone, I am so glad to be back here! I have had so much trouble getting back in to the new sute, but tonight I managed it!! Whoop whoop!!!

So,,,, what have I been up to? Well I did take my Level 2 AAT in Basic Accounting and can happily say that I am now a qualified Book keeper!!!

On the down side - I am still working in the horrid place that caused me so much grief, but I am in control now and feel stronger to not take any *&^%!!!!! I am applying for jobs like there is no tomorrow, but nothing yet!!

On the RA side Im still on Meth and cimzia injections, plus all the other meds and having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last October I am on Dosulepin - my happy pill- and I am so calm, not so emotional and not in quite so much pain. I have bad days but rejoice in the good days!!

I have to have a full bone scan soon as my GP is worried that I might have Osteoporosis - lucky me!! My last x-ray showed a huge deterioriation in my condidtion, but Im glad that someone is taking the time to study my notes and do all they can to help me.

So thats me.... I do hope you are all ok, and I really look forward to catching up with you all!!

See ya!!

Pen x

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Welcome back Pen its lovely to have some favourites back. It has been a while and i am glad to see you back.xx


welcome back.. well done on those exams x


Hi Pen, great news on your exams, that must be a real help in your job hunt...keeping everything crossed you find something to make you happier soon.

Lets hope your good days outweigh the bad days. Xx


Hi Pen

It sounds like lots of things are moving forward for you - very well done on the exams.

Dotty x


Great your back!!!! Also well done with the new qualification.



Hello and it's great to hear from you again. You have been a busy little bee haven't you? What with your exams and hospital appointments you can't have had much free time recently. Sorry to you RA is still causing you problems but really good news about your successes. I hope you get a new job very soon, because as you probably remember, I was unhappy in one of my jobs and when I moved it was the best thing I ever did. So keep in touch, and have a great day today.Axx


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