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in constant pain all the time!:(

hi guys how u all doing

my pain at the moment is so high i just cant bare it anymore doing hot baths is helping but my legs,back,neck,elbow and wrist is killing me been on methatrexate now 13 weeks and don't see no improvement just keep getting bad blood results all the time with my kidneys and liver feeling really tired all the time and stuff trying to work 14 hours a week but even that is hard for me.

im only 20 years old and feel like i cant b normal anymore even going shopping is a task for me now:(

any one else feeling like this?

to be honest i just don't wanna b here anymore im fed up completely i know i have friends and family that love me but i just cant go on like this anymore i got a partner whos been with me 3 years and still doesnt understand. and my family still dont understand after 20 years off this condition and how ive struggled still dont know how im feeling or what im going through day to day it annoys me sooo much just wished i didnt have this anymore i fee isloated and down but going to consulatnt tomorrow hope he has something to help me.

if someone could help that would b brilliant just need a bit of support

much love tara xxx

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Stick in there! Your consultant will hopefully adjust your meds tomorrow. I'm in the same boat just now too. Consultant on Tuesday for me. We all have ups and downs and I know it is difficult but try and speak to someone you trust to let it all out. We are so good at keeping going at times that we forget how hard RA is on us. I had a blurb with a fellow RA sufferer at work last week. I then phoned my rheumy nurse and made some steps to getting better. You will see yours tomorrow so you have taken the first step. Write down things you want to say to him/her and you will have taken another step in the right direction. I sure some others who are in a good place just now on this site will give you some excellent advice too. YOU are not alone! Keep your spirits up xx


Hi Tara. Poor you I wish I could help but hopefully the rheumy will do that tomorrow. Make sure you tell them exactly how you feel. My eldest son is 20 and he's covered in horrible eczema all the time and feels like you do - kept saying he couldn't bear the prospect of a lifetime of all this pain and horrible, itching bleeding skin. You aren't as alone as you obviously feel.

MTX has worked wonders for many of us here but it does take time and regular adjustment to get the maximum benefit from it. It took me 3 months for it to take away the fracture like pains and then a further 3 months to stop regulate flares and another 3 months with Hydroxichloraqune added in plus a switch to injectable MTX to really get on top of things. I'm okay now apart from back ache which may well be RA related. I would be more positive still but I'm having a bad day - first in ages though. Tildaxx


Hi tara. Welcome. I haven't seen you around before. It is a horrible disease. I agree it takes it's toll on you emotionally. You are doing the right thing by seeing your consultant tmz. Make a point of actually seeing the consultant, take someone with you as an extra listener. It helps to write down some questions too. Tell them exactly how you feel as depression can be a symptom of this disease. This make you feel lonely and isolated too, when you are in constant pain.

Good luck with your appt, don't give up. There are lots of other drugs you can try, also important to get pain relief that works for you.

Kind regards and good luck for tmz. X


Oh Tara I really do feel for you, I've been where you are at the moment and I have to admit that I've considered doing something silly once or twice in the past when Ive been low. But trust me, you will come through this awful time and you will be stronger for it too. It's so frustrating when the people closest to you just have no idea what the affects and symptoms of RA are, and you begin to feel like an island all on your own. But, you have a whole family of fellow sufferers here for you. We all understand, and above we all want to do whatever we can to help you through this awful time. Go see your consultant tomorrow and explain exactly what is going on with you at the moment. K3let has given some good advice in writing down everthing and take the list with you. Chin up and good luck tomorrow. Lol June xx


Hi Tara im more than twice your age but I do know what your going through I started on MTX last June and it took 4 months to kick in and since that it has been increased twice and I am only now begining to fully come out of it and there is life after flare I have slowly been able to come off pain killers hopefully your rhummy will help you out and things will start getting better for you dont suffer in silence come on here and vent all you want we all know what is going on and how you are suffering



Hope they get you sorted im more than twice your age too x


Hope you get sorted love please keep your chin up they will get meds right soon for you xx


Good luck with your appointment today, You are so young to have got this rotten deceased, I hope that someone is going with you, Or that you have written everything down, encase you forget things, It is so easy when you are feeling so low to,

Take care Shirley Xx


Hi Tara,I'm so sorry that you've got this awful condition at such a young age. It isn't fair is it but hang in there I'm sure pain wise things will get better. Big big hugs take care xx


Hi again Tara. In case you haven't realised yet there are two people on the blog page who are 17 and 19 - they are little Em and Soph and I'm sure you could PM both to get some additional support from those around your age. We all know how you feel but I think there are extra pressures to overcome when you are younger. nras.healthunlocked.com/blo... - hope this helps a bit and good luck with apt today. Tilda x


Oh bless you, everyone on this site knows exactly how you feel and we are all sending our love & support to you.

There is always light eventually....I've had some bad days recently and yes sometimes feel my life will always be dark & stuck in pain.... but please believe that you you are not alone....all of us, your fellow RA sufferers, are with you in spirit.

Thank goodness you are seeing your rheumy today....please let us know how you get on.



Hey, I'm 23 and in a very similar situation to you, living with chronic pain is very tiring and debilitating. I just wanted to let you know that there are others here that understand what you are going though. I'm not in a place to offer you much advice at the moment because I am struggling to get my own pain under control but just wanted you to know I understand. Feel free to PM me at any time.

Take care


Please dont give up, you are not alone, i live in the chingford london area, if you are close i dont mind meeting up with anyone, stay strong


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