Holiday stress

Holiday stress

Well we are going away for a week on Monday and the stress of getting ready always gets to me. Hubby does all the packing,but i have to be there with him as he asks so many questions do i need this,do i need that you know what i am saying. I just wish i could teleport everything straight to where i am going. We do need this break away just him and me and no interuptrions.xxxxx

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  • Hope you both a great relaxing holiday.  Enjoy your self X X X Dawn

  • Be greatfuI, i dare say some hubbies would say "get on with it", lol, enjoy your holiday and don't forget my stick of rock.


  • Have a good one xxx

  • I used to get stressed by packing but now I think as long as I've got my things I can't easily replace..glasses, meds, etc...anything else I can replace when I get there if I forget it!!  Have a great break x

  • Happy holiday Sylvi, have a lovely relaxing time.x

  • Forgot to say lips back to normal now, farewell trout pout! X

  • I always make lists then forget what I've put in the bags. Have a lovely holiday I hope the weather behaved

  • And most importantly of course don't forget the handbags and shoes to match the outfits!! 

    Hope you both have a wonderful time wherever it is you are going .You have obviously been looking forward to this for a long time.

    I hope it goes well for you.



  • I tried to get him to let me have another handbag this morning in town and it didn't work,but when we are away i might be able to get away with it.xxxxx

  • Hope you have a lovely relaxing time away xx

  • You can always sneak into a shop and make a little purchase,and forget to tell him.but you may come unstuck with this one if he is doing the packing he may wonder why you're going home with more bags than you arrived with.

    Best just 'fess up or use your girly charm you may be surprised where it gets you.

    Have a great time.



  • Holidays are always easier for me as i can get away with more when we are away darling and when i get back i bet you i hve another handbag.xxxxx

  • I bet you will too...........



  • Ha ha ha ha.xxxxx

  • Hope you have a great holiday xx

  • I know exactly what you mean.! Have a lovely time and I hope that the sun shines on you. X

  • Hi. First of all have a lovely holiday when it comes around. I find making a list helps to aid what I want to take in that way it calms the mind. 

  • Just a thought but If I were you I would 'forget' to pack the handbag and then you would just have to buy another one! 

    Have a lovely holiday.

  • I got another one this morning when i was in town

  • 👍 


  • Ha ha write a list you know what us blokes are like, I've just joined this group and wish everyone well enjoy the break

  • Thank you and welcome.xxxx

  • Hi Sylvi, where are you off to for you break? X

  • Whitley bay up the other side of newcastle

  • Have a lovely time Sylvi.  Look forward to hearing about it when you get back x

  • I am taking my laptop with me darling so you will see my

  • Haha...of course, I hope you get a good Wifi connection!  Have a great time! Xx

  • I come from Co.Durham now live in Kent I have some Happy Memories of Whitley Bay and the surrounding area . The beaches up there are beautiful sandy and clean.

    Wrap up against the North East wind.

    Have fun wish I was coming with you.x

  • Happy holidays 🌞x

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