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It's the Bank holiday!

I hope everyone has the sun that we have today & you are not in too much pain!

I'm 3 weeks in with MTX although I think I've got to wait a little while longer until it kicks in!

It's gloriously sunny here down south today - which I am VERY pleased as I'm having a BIG birthday tea &it seems like 70-80 people may be coming!!!!!

Fortunately I have a big garden!!

I just need to pace myself throughout the day so that I don't get too tired - but I'm going to have fun!!!

Hope you all have a great day too!

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Happy birthday


Hope you have a lovely day and a very Happy Birthday to you too. X


Hi, hope you had a brilliant birthday, I celebrated my big birthday last sunday.

Rie x


I had a great day yesterday, although it was early celebrations as we're away for the actual birthday.

About 70 people came & the weather was superb!!!

Mind you I'm suffering for it today but it was worth it!


hope you had a good birthday xx, which special one was it??


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