Laproscopic Choleosystectomy (gall bladder removal)

Such long words :) Well, I have the surgery scheduled for Monday (all being well). My chest CT scan came back showing an abnormality - seeing a cardiologist today. All of the symptoms:- chest and abdominal pain with breathing, burping, yawning, lupus flare, etc., is all contributed to the gall bladder issue. Looking forward to it's removal. Keep my in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you

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  • Hi Sylvi,  Gall bladder surgery went well.  I got home yesterday.  Feeling bloated, sore and have shoulder pain (expected).  I'm walking as much as possible and eating (reduced fat).  The doc. said I should be able to return to work in a week - Yay!!  

  • Glad your home safe and sound darling,now the recovery begins and i hope you get brighter soon.xxxx

  • Just wanted to say, my Father had exactly the same symptoms, had it removed 5 months ago and feels great!!! Hope it's the same for you, take care.

  • Hi woodstar1 - I feel sooo much better now.  The stones were huge - one was about an inch and a half and in the shape of a barrel.  The doc. said that he rarely sees them that size and never that shape.  Takes me to create something unique. :)

  • Great news, it was such a relief for my Dad, glad it's the same for you too!!

  • I hope all goes well with the cholecystectomy, with being keyhole it's more likely your recovery should be quick so I hope it is.

    I do hope the appointment with the Cardiologist went ok, had my fill of appointments with those! On a positive note we are fortunate nowadays that an anomalies are picked up on by CT scans, my h is awaiting the results of his latest scan & hoping it's not necessary to have another op, me too!!! Do let us know how your appointment went.

  • Hi :) Thank you for your support and advice. The chest CT scan showed abnormalities which the cardiologist would like to do further tests when I recover from the surgery. Right now I'm just waiting to go to the hospital to get the surgery done and to get a new lease on life. I'll update when I'm able to. Thanks again for your advice and well wishes.

  • Good luck for the op Jackie. Yes, please do keep us updated, all the best. x

  • Thinking of you. Hope all goes well.x

  • Thank you :)

  • Thinking of you :)

    Had mine out two years ago, took it gentle for a bit and followed advice given, while later it's like it hadn't happened. I have 3 to tiny scars but as those match my stretch marks lower belly, I hardly see them hahahahaha. Once healed I wasn't told I couldn't eat, drink or do anything I'd normally do.

    Word of advice - when you come round from anasthesia, if your knees are bent upward, do check under the sheet to make sure they removed the very sticky tape that keeps that "vanity cloth" over your private area while they operate.

    They left mine there, I moved my legs post op to stretch them, it became more of a. "DIY Brazilian"

    (Hahahahaha - Ouch was an understatement for that cheap hair removal)

  • Lol :) thanks for the update.

  • Good luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery. I had it done donkeys years ago by the old method and it's much simpler now.You'll be glad to have had it done.

  • Thank you :)

  • I had mine out 2012 was rushed to hospital after being on Statins for two weeks with pancreitus has gall bladder out and then 6 months later my RA starts followed with PsA I still sometimes have pain even though it has gone. good luck.

  • Thank

  • Thank you:)

  • If pain is related to no gallbladder that's cause some need supps after removal as not everyone can function the same with out onex

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