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Downstairs since 4.30am

Downstairs since 4.30am

I have been downstairs since four thirty this morning as my chest is rough. Coughing and wheezing like an old person who smokes forty fags a day. This will be the second day of pills so hopefully i should start to feel better soon. Cough, wheeze thats all i seem to be doing at the moment. Then its inhalers and then more pills. I hope that this chest infection is a one off, as i have been lucky since i've had ra and this is the first virus/cold or anything else i had since ra reared its ugly head. I used to get chest infections a lot and i am asthmatic as well,so i think i've had a good run as i hear so many of you have plaqued with colds/flu/and infections. Just didn't want this just before xmas.

So here's hoping that by sunday i will be well on the road to being better.

My love to you all.

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It must be a different strain Sylvi, I too haven't had any colds since being diagnosed with RA but this year I went down with a stinker. I going to get some of that new Covonia for mucus today to see if that helps shift the cough that has stayed with me long after the cold went.

I really hope you start to feel better soon coz your blogs are what I like to read when I get up. And I hate to think of any of my friends feeling ill.

Lots of luv and big hugs to you xxxxxx


Thats nice of you to say so. I try to be upbeat,but at times its really hard. I am exhausted and all i have done is get myself some breakfast. Both hubby and daughter are at work this morning, so i'm home alone. Not sure if i'm going to go out today or stay at home,i try to go out each day as i feel it does me good to get out.

The last time i felt this weak was the year before i came down with ra and that was pneumonia. I was rough for a month and felt as weak as a kitten. I think with the drugs i have been given has started to move the mucus,heres hoping.

If i don't go out i can be on here all day and play about.

I hope you start to get better soon as well.

Love to you. sylvi.xx


Hi Sylvi, sorry to hear you are so poorly and hope the meds. soon kick in to ease your cough.

Have you tried steam? I'm not sure if it is something you can do as an asthmatic but could be worth a try if you can.



Oh no poor you witha chest infection as well all your other aches and pains! I am sure you will feel loads better by xmas day I will keep fingers crossed for you. I would stay in today as you are so poorly the exertion may be too much for your chest. Rest and keep warm xxxxx


poor you sylvie, i really hope the pills clear it all up for you in time for xmas, have you got anyone one to mind you and make you waterbotttles, food and plenty of cups of tea?? hope you do, i hope your pain is not as bad either, theres nothing worse than being poorly, but being poorly with flary r.a. thinking of you and hugs x


I am home alone this morning as my family are at work. I am unable to much as i'm exhausted. I will be a good girl today and won't overdo it. Haven't the energy anyway. I'm sure i will feel better by xmas,praying that i will be anyway.

I will get dressed and get some much needed sleep i think.

Thank you every one for your kind thoughts,its nice to know that people i've never met worry about me more than my friends who live nearby. I treasure each and every one of you.

My love to you all, Sylvi. xxxxxx


Hugs and get well wishes coming your way x x x


Thank you,see above post,that includes you my luv. xx


Hi Sylvi

Sorry to hear that your chest infection is still giving you jip. Because of the effort it takes to breathe, it's tiring having a chest infection. Plus the drugs of ra, as usual. So please remember not to over do it.

Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon and you will feel better in time for christmas

Enjoy your duvet day. Take care

Sci x


Well sci i won't be over doing it as i haven't the energy. I think my body has stopped me altogether. I'm finding it hard work just to read the paper,so that tells you everything.

I'm sure in a couple of days i will be feeling a lot brighter,i hope.I've not been this ill for 9yrs. All my life i have suffered with my chest,but since ra came into my life i haven't had anything,thats been the only up side of ra.

Thank you for your kind wishes.

Sylvi. xx


sylvi im so sorry your feeling poorly ...hope you get to feel better soon

debs x


Thanks debs. xx


Oh Sylvi, I am so sorry to hear you are in pain with your infection x

If you can't manage a kettle, maybe run the hot tap for a while, put a towel over you head and inhale the steam - it might help x

Keep warm, and dont worry about resting - your body is telling you to, so give in xx

I cant say watch tv, cos there is only rubbish on - if you can manage it, a good DVD will while away a couple of hours!!! You can rest your hands and joints at the same time xxx

Take care my friend, :)

Pen x


Sleep i crave sleep. My chest hurts and if i lay down and nod off when i wake up i'm in for a coughing fit. I have a steamer i will get that out and try that thanks,

Telly is the worst i've seen for a long while,i've even turned the news off as i can't be bothered with it.

Its been 9years since i felt like this and that was peunomia,i just hope and pray this isn't it. I'm so tired.

Thanks for your thoughts pen. xxx


HiSylvi, I am now down with yet another cold so you are lucky to have stayed clear of them so far. You could try steam inhalations which does work to soothe throats, lungs and sinuses. Don't forget good old Vick for rubbing on the chest!

Also put an extra pillow or two so you are more propped up in bed. We have recliner beds where the head lifts up - a godsend when you cannot breathe properly because of a cold or are coughing a lot. But raising up with extra pillows works as well.

If you find you can't sleep at night, try to have a siesta during the day and catch up a bit. Lots of hot drinks with lemon and perhaps some whisky?!

Might help you to sleep. Take care and keep warm. Love LavendarLady x


I have a electric bed and we wouldn't be without it. I have lifted it up a bit and i have another pillow as well. I have been trying to sleep as well during the day,i find it hard because as soon as i nod off someone rings or the door bell goes.

I am resting and keeping up my fluid intake so i don't dehydrate. Whisky no way as i don't drink, i'm not a goody two shoes i had to give up for health ten years ago and i don't miss it at all.

My hubby and daughter has gone to deliver a xmas present to a very dear friend of mine and i have stayed at home,as i don't feel well enough. Also she is in her eighties and though i'm sure she wouldn't catch it i'm not taking the chance.

I have my ovaltinies at night.!!!

Love Sylvi. xx


Sorry that you're feeling so poorly Sylvi:-(

Since my lung problems started just over 2 years ago I've had to be as careful as is reasonable (whilst still having a life) not to get a cold as if it goes on my chest my body really struggles to cope. I've had asthma since I was a child too so that doesn't help.

Steam inhalations, steaming a room from a boiling kettle, being well propped-up with pillows and whatever drugs help you to sleep at night!

I wouldn't even consider going out until you are much better - changes in temperature aggravate a cough.

So stay in the warm and rest - consider it as conserving your strength for Christmas Day:-)

Cece x


I'm like a body laying in a morque,couldn't move if i wanted to. Can't wait until the drugs kick in. At the moment i'm watching totps 2 on bbc 2 you want to have a nosey, right back to my young days when i was young single and carefree without the dreaded ra.

Loce. xxxx


Hi Sylvia

Fingers crossed that you are feeling better for Xmas.It's a bit warmer out today but i would stay in the warm for a few days if i were you.

Love watching Top of the Pops too - the kids think it's hilarious especially the outfits from the 70's

Take care of yourself

Lots of love

Julie xx


Julie, i've been downstairs since 1.30 this morning,BUT i say this with caution i think my chest is breaking up. I've been coughing all night so i came downstairs so bob could get some sleep as he has work early this morning. I have had some sleep.

Hope you have had a good nights sleep.


Sylvi. xx


Hi Sylvi, glad to hear the infection is beginning to clear. Once a cough seems to get gurgly, I do find it gets off the chest much more quickly. Keep warm indoors rather than go outside in the cold. The last thing you want is pneumonia on top (this has just happened to a friend of mine who has ended up in hospital following a neglected cold and being out in damp, cold weather).

I would be inclined to switch off the doorbell and take the phone off the hook just so you get some proper rest. Take care. Love LavendarLady x


I wish i could LL but we have a man coming to repair the top oven on my cooker. I still don't feel very clever as i've been downstairs since 1.30 this morning. The coughing feels worse,but i do feel that it is breaking up I hope. I am so lacking in energy, My grace is with me today and she will take care of things for. Bob finishes work today until next wednesday so i'll be able to rest properlly then. I'm not sure if i haven't had a touch of pneumonia from the way i'm feeling. I had that 9yrs ago just before i came down with ra.

I hope next will be better than this one.

Love to you. Sylvi xx


Rest and plenty of fluids.. try steam inhalation too xx


I'm getting plenty of fluids,been downstairs since 1.30am, coughing and i think today is the day it starts to break,I look awful spitting like a man, but it is coming up which is important. I still feel lousy i'm sure i'm getting there. xx


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