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Sickness and Diarrhoea

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Well folks after just getting over a chest infection I'm now in bed with sickness and Diarrhoea, been up all night with it coming out both ends (sorry) but it was inevitable I'd get it as Grandkids had it and other halves got it as well so hopefully just a 24,48 thing and getting my Humira delivered on Tuesday after Benepali stopped working, at the moment I feel like someone's hitting my head with a jackhammer and seem to be picking all sorts off things up at the moment, hope yous are all well xxx

10 Replies

ooh poor you. Hope you feel better and stay better very soon.

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Get well soon its bad enough cos it's so hot as well plenty fluids down you as well 😓

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Hugs and i hope you soon feel brighter.xxxx

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Hope you feel better soon.. And try to drink water little and often xxx

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Poor you, that’s horrible. Hopefully it’ll be short lived and you’ll be able to get on the Humira right away. Drink lots of water and rest if you can x

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Oh, not nice, poor you. Hope you feel better soon. X

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Hope you feel better soon. xxx

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poor you - both. Be better sooon. I find keffir helps for 'the runs' but it's an acquired taste. xox

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Oh flip but your luck doesn't change does it? I'm truly sorry you're feeling so lousy and hope you feel better soon. Hugs


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That’s rotten - hope you feel better soon.

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