Feeling sorry for myself as i hurt so much this morning.

Feeling sorry for myself as i hurt so much this morning.

I have had two wonderful days in the garden and have enjoyed it greatly. I also made a fish pie for Saturday lunch as Bob was sown the allotment getting it ready to put a shed up.So i thought it would be a nice surprise for him to have it ready for him. Making the sauce and cooking the fish was the easy bit,but peeling the potatoes well that was a whole lot of problems. I have found i can't use a knife to peel them with as my knuckles won't bend enough to do it,so i had to use the peeler and it was not easy,but i managed it somehow.

Then after lunch i went out into the back garden as we are doing a bit of a make-over and a lot of plants need relocating and i spent the afternoon doing that and i also did the same Sunday morning and worked until lunch and i rested the rest of the day. Satureday night i could hardly move and during the night i had to take some pain killers.

Now i have got up this morning in agony,what hurts,well my back for a start,shoulders,hands well they hurt the most. So i have to resist the temptation to go and do anything out there only to sit and enjoy the sun and do mycolouring books. I hope you all enjoy the sun as well.

I went to the drs this morning and he has given me some gel for my hands. I also got weighed and i am now 15st 23lbs.xxxxx

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  • Well done on the weight loss ! Amazing .

    Pacing is difficult when you feel not too bad you can potter etc but you do pay for it if you do too much . Xxx

  • Hello Sylv😊how are you ? And well done on your weight loss amazing good for you.i am on and off here reading posts and always think of you.do you still have your coloured hair and nails 😊I'm doing ok flares up and down mainly my fingers Wrists and elbows at minute.take care lots of love Michelle xxx

  • I do still have my multi coloured hair and nails darling.xxxx

  • Hi sylvi hope you are feeling a bit better? Xx

  • I have done nothing today at all apart from going to the drs this morning and i even went to bed this afternoon and i slept which is so unusual as i hate going to bed during the day. We will know better tomorrow if the rest has done its job.xxxx

  • I hope so I have to admit after my 2 days in garden I have done very little today but you just have to do what you can xx hope tomorrow will be better for you. X

  • Well done on weight loss 👏🏼👏🏼 ! Hope the pain is easing now. 😎🤗😘

  • PS thank you for the photo of daffodils....they're my favourite flowers xxx

  • Congrats on the weight loss!! I hope it brings you at least some cheer in the midst of your pain. I also hope you are having a better day today! Hugs!

  • Glad to hear your feeling brighter as well. I feel great in my head no depression,but my body is a different story,it hurts like hell. Thats the price i pay for gardening. When the weather is lovely like it is at the moment i want to get outside and do things. So i am trying to a little bit each day then stopping and trying to rest.xxxxx

  • hello, sylvi.I am in theUSA. I have problems with RA as well as some other stuff. I noted that you have trouble with peeling with a knife. I too. I have several large handled peelers, and these don't make my hands hurt nearly as bad as using a kitchen knife. I hope you begin to have more good days soon.

  • Thank you all for your lovely and helpful comments,t is nice to know i am not alone. Still hurting as i did a bit more gardening yesterday,but i didn't over do it this time out there,but i then in the afternoon did some polishing in my lounge.Back aches this morning as do my fingers,but if it is the price i have to pay then so be it. I will try and have a day of rest today.xxxxx

  • Hi Sylvi. You are entitled to feel sorry for yourself. It isn't self indulgent, it is self preservation! Everyone feels sorry for themselves when they are hurting. You are a very brave lady to do all that gardening when you have such problems. Don't be hard on yourself. Wow! the weight loss is fantastic. Losing weight is a difficult thing to do. Give yourself a pat on the back, put your feet up and read a good book so you can lose yourself in it. I hope you are feeling well again soon. xx

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