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Feeling sorry for myself

Morning I had some teeth out Tuesday still in lots pain also got rotten head cold I am due to take none methotrexate today spoke to nurse yesterday she said to take them I'm not sure what to do lots pain on my feet arms ribs from rheumatoid arthritis as well anybisears anyone or shall I get a gun thanks

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Any ideas it's meant to say



Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. If your teeth are still really hurting go back to the dentist- I developed ' dry socket' and needed Antibiotics. I would follow your nurse's advice. Don't get a gun! Take care- sending lots of love x


And 9 methotrexate


Don't think a guns the answer. I would do like suggested above and ring the dentist. Regarding the Mtx, can't really advise you there, its always a hard choice to make isn't it about taking drugs when we're not feeling well?

Hope you feel better soon.

Paula x


What you need is pain relief not a gun. I am so sorry things are so challenging for you, at the moment. It can be so relentless at times. Definitely call your dentist as soon as possible or emergency health care may be in order.


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