Why did I move to the top of a hill?

Why did I move to the top of a hill?

In less than 2 weeks, I will have been with NRAS a full year and what a year it has been; I have moved house, twice; I had my first Christmas away from home; I brought a modern car with power steering and other modern gadgets (not like me); and ventured further North than I have ever been in the UK. Quite some milestones, but nothing as scary or as daunting than signing up for the Brighton Marathon on the 15th April!

Marathon, oh dear, that’s going to be tough. Well training, it’s been going ok, I’ve hit 1/5 of the distance, not bad you may think, but hang on; it’s in less than 2 months away!! Somehow I managed to rope my Dad, 2 of his employees and my friend into running too, excellent I won’t be alone, at the back of the grid. Hopefully you will have guessed that I am doing this in aid of NRAS, if you would like to sponsor us and help us stay motivated then please go to justgiving.com/rowledge4rhe... Thank you.

So the hill, well I moved house last Saturday and I thought, let’s celebrate with a run and some training. Downhill was fine and easy, excellent I thought, I’ve made the right choice, until I was heading back home and I came across that hill, my last piece of track to get me to my door. All I can say, is it is pretty much near vertical. What have I done?

Please show me your support with a comment below or if you can, a donation to the above link. All of your thoughts and best wishes will spur me on to sprint the last 0.2 miles of the 26.2miles!!

If you want to keep up-to-date with my progress I am now on twitter you can follow me here: twitter.com/#!/Oliver_NRAS

Thank you,


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  • Good luck Oliver!

  • Hope it goes ok xx

  • best of luck.xx

  • Thank you all. I ran 7.35 miles yesterday and I have to be honest it is the first time 26.2 miles has truely scared me!! It was long, difficult and not even a third of the distance!!

  • Good luck Oli,

    Must be difficult training in this weather as well, we do appreciate what your doing, don't forget you've roped your Dad into this as well......:)

    keep training

    Best of luck

    Tricia P xx

  • Thank you Tricia P! I certainly have roped my dad into this as well as 3 friends. Aiming for double figures this weekend, maybe more miles if I can

  • Best of luck,we do appreciate what your doing, don't forget you've roped your Parents

  • Thank you Crappiefishing, its now 1 month till the big day and I managed to hit 17 miles this weekend, my Dad had to beat me (as always) and did 18 miles!!!

  • Good luck Oliver


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