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Hi-Ho It's offf to work I go.


The Doctor who carried out the company medical said he has no issues at all about me returning to work as long as I phase myself back in, He said I have read your medical history and what I am seeing makes you a remarkable man Matthew, And I am so glad you did not listen to the consultant on your release last July that when you get home you will very restricted in what you can do and you will get progressivly worse and the Transplant won't happen as you will never be strong enough, Well you have proved him wrong on all counts mind you your last words to him was If you think I am going home to sit on my A+++ you can think again. Mattcass

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So well done....I am thrilled for you! Mavis xx

Well done. You're a living miracle! Whatever you're doing it's the right thing.

You are indeed amazing Matt! But mad as .... back to work lol !!! 😂 How do you do it!

Whoo hoo Matthew good on you ! He has faith in you and I hope you have faith in yourself. Well done. X

Matt darling i and i am sure others are so proud of what you have achieved darling. Congratulations on getting fit enough to return to work.xxxxxxxx

Good for you . You are an inspiration.

Enjoy your work and all that goes with it like normality, friendships and the feelings of contributing to society.

Well done and I hope you continue to stay well enough to be at work.

Way to go Matt,well done that man. That's really good news, I'm sure the love & support of your very close family has helped you enormously. I hope everything continues to go well for you & yours. x

Well done keep up the good work

Excellent! I'm sure being the fighter you are has helped no end, you tell em! A remarkable man, I second that. x

Well done, Matt. Hope all goes well once you are back at work. Clemmie

Well done you - excellent outcome - good luck with job x

Well done Matt to be well enough to go back to work brill and look after yourself x

Well done! You have a lot to be proud of for sure!

Congratulations --- that's fab news. Hope all goes well☺x

Don't know how I missed this post Mattcass.... crazy blinking eye thing got in the way I guess!!!

Anyway just to say a huge congratulations! :)

All the best


Excellent news, well done and may you continue to go from strength to strength. Very best wishes

brilliant Matt you are amazing . you give us all hope.

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