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Day out

Day out

Yesterday i went out with hubby and our friends to the National Memorial Arboretium for a parade that my hubby was in. He was carrying our legion standard as my daughter was unable to. Glad to say i felt brighter yesterday when i got up and the sun was up and it was dry as well. Anyway we had a lovely day and i took wait for it 240 photos while i was there. It was the memorial to the plane crash that came down carrying servicemen from the Suez crisis... The palms round the memorial had crosses round them with all the names of those that died,which i felt was a lovely touch.

By the time i got home i was exhausted and after a trip to the loo i sat down and didn't move until i went up for a bath at nearly 8pm. I went into their shop and brought a lovely poppy handbag which was gorgeous. My hands are very sore this morning,but at the moment i am not feeling too bad. The photo is of one of the palms round the memorial. You would have thought you were in the mederteranian not sunny Staffordshire.

Hugs to all and glad your back Bats.xxxxxxx

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What a lovely day you must have had-- how poinient. The poppies look lovely. We are going to make the trip there-- my brother who was killed in action has his name on the wall..alongside thousands of others, who sadly lost their lives whilst fighting for our country. I was awarded the Queen Elizabeth cross last year on his behalf. Xx


The big wall is being renovated,but just outside the centre they have put up a copy of the wall so people can see it. It is well worth a visit and it is such a calming place despite the work going on at the centre.xxxxx


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